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    This is my list of idea's, for this magical plugin, i'm not sure of how far development can go, as i'm not a plugin maker myself, but i do have some ideas as i have thought up ways for a plugin such as this to work in very cool ways, smoke and mirrors, as some would call it. (plus i know the limitations of bukkit and current plugin creation to a extent)

    - The simple visual effects to add, such as using particles to indicate casting spells, i'm not sure if this is possible without Spout or some other tool,  but consider having particle effects, such as portal particles around a person when they are casting a shadow spell.
    Currently i believe particles sit above peoples heads without mods, so i'm not sure if this is doable, however if you can somehow create a couple invisible entity's with your plugin and make them hover around the player that would work.

    - Some kind of way to use the slow digging potion effect with spells, because when you punch with it on, it makes your hand or item move slower, this could "act" as a way to cast things.

    - A tie into the current leveling system, so the enchantment levels count as magic power you have, 1-100 Mana-Magic Power (whatever its called these days) in total.

    - I would also like to state that Right-Clicking could always be a option to be used in a way so you right click to switch spells.

    - And for your Wand spell strength and creation dilemma, i have two answers, either use a Fishing Rod, or a Hoe, as a wand, as they show enchantments on them, simply giving them power 1 or higher would work perfectly fine, and i recommend a hoe, as it has no right click use.

    Good luck with your project, and i hope it would work well, these features are only ideas, use them if you want to, i'm not asking you anything.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Thanks so much for these ideas! Everything you have suggested is, in fact, possible in some way! Check out this legacy video I made, where I used some effects with spells. You can't use every effect, but if you are creative, it doesn't matter. I can also add potion effects(right now, there's a Regeneration spell).

    I once had an idea for mana and experience: monsters don't drop xp, and the only way of gaining xp is casting spells. You can spend xp points to learn spells. Instead of an xp bar, there would be a mana bar instead, showing your power level. Mana regenerates, and casting spells lowers mana(like Terraria, for instance). The little number would still mean experience, though. This isn't my best idea, but it doesn't compromise enchantments like my previous ones. The only problem is that you can't have xp points in between.. my idea is to just have xp go up to 1000 instead and every xp 'orb' increases your xp by one point.

    Thanks for your suggestions of a fishing rod and hoe. I really wanted wands as blaze rods and sticks, though. Using a fishing rod would rule out fishing(meh), so my best chance is a golden hoe(not really magical). You could compare it to a scythe, which isn't really what I want(think Harry Potter here). I'm going to keep looking for tools with durability.

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