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  • _ForgeUser1208306 created this issue Jan 14, 2012

    My suggestion would be to use the enchanting system to create wands.
    It would be similar to enchanting a sword. You use your levels to create a wand out of a stick.
    This would delay the point in time a player can use the magic system.

    Additionally the level used to enchant/create the wand could be used to determine which spells can be cast with it.
    For example:
    You can heal with a level 10 wand, but a fireball requires a level 30 wand.

    I think this would go along fine with my other suggestion of using ingredients to cast spells rather than mana.

    I hope this can be implemented server side without the need to modify the client.

    sincerly Lasdem

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  • _ForgeUser6863691 posted a comment Jul 1, 2012

    I had an idea similar to this, where you would craft an enchanted blaze rod(power I, probably), then lay it on the ground, say a spell, and it'd drain your levels(if there's enough, of course). Then the wand would be enchanted to power II. It is possible to do this, however, I can't display the enchantments unless I use some tool.. and I don't know which to use.

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