Magic 6.2.2


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    Aug 30, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10
  • 1.9


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  • Fix broomsticks in 1.9.4
  • Fix for command-block casting and automata
  • Don't apply velocity to bound wands when an authorized player tries to pick one up
    Prevents wands getting lost, and possible issues with velocity going too high.


  • Fix for Broomsticks, though a larger re-work is probably coming
  • Fix Capture spell
  • Some fixes to wand migration, won't affect most configs


  • Fix CraftBukkit compatibility
  • Fix Heroes integration throwing NPEs
  • Add compatibility for Spigot/MC 1.10
  • The RP checker will now compute an actual SHA1 for your RP, since 1.10 now verifies it


  • Add "Soul Wand" system (currently work-in-progress)
  • Fix cyclemode upgrade
  • Add Magic.commands.cast.parameters permission, in case you really really want to give your players /cast permission.
  • Add Magic.spawners permission, to allow non-op'd players to place custom mob spawners
  • Converted tweak/upgrade icons to RP-based icons
  • Several spells are now optional, players don't need to acquire them to rank up
  • Add "/mtrait hat" command, for putting spells, wands and hats on an NPC's head (See:
  • Add support for an "override" entry in spells.yml, for settings that should effect ALL spells
  • Fix compatibility issues with keep-on-death wands and CombatTagPlus kill-on-quit
  • Offhand casts now show a visibile swing animation
  • Add "filter_bound" parameter to ItemShop, to not show bound items a player already has


  • Fix broken wand progression when spells have been disabled. (Sorry!)
  • Fix architect/engineer upgrade shops (Also Sorry, bleh)
  • Mine/Chop will no longer make drops out of temporary blocks
  • Second page of book can be used to set name/lore in /mitem skull command
  • Spell casts now originate from correct hand for Lefties
  • Add "save_default_configs" option to config.yml, is kinda wonky but works


  • All spell icons are now in the Resource Pack, player skulls are no longer used.
  • The default files are no longer saved to your server. I found this too confusing for people. Check github for the defaults.
  • Updated "trinketshop" with lots more skulls
  • All decorative player head names prefixed with "skull_"
  • Fix warlock wand appearance
  • Add /mitem add/remove unplaceable command, for making a block unplaceable
  • Add Dark Wizard, Mega Spider and Dark Spider mobs
  • Add Webbing spell (for spider mobs)
  • Add /mmob clear command, for getting rid of magic mobs
  • Add "Magic.use.<wand>" permission list, for controlling individual wand permissions.
  • Add spsellshop, for exchanging SP for money
  • Add disguise support (via LibsDisguises) to magic mobs
  • Add madscientist mob (example of using player disguises)
  • Add DisguiseAction, Polymorph spell (not on any enchanting paths since it relies on LibsDisguises)
  • Nerfed Blessing
  • Item worth specified in items.yml will be used by shops, using a simple list of items


  • Don't allow water spreading when water naturally flows as a result of magic
    This fixes a server-crashing issue with player skulls and flowing water (Triggers internal Spigot bug)
  • Add support for custom mob spawners that spawn magic mobs
  • Add spawnershop and custom mob spawners (including Warlocks)
  • Warlocks now have fall protection and thorns armor


  • Fix wand enchanting (when sp is disabled), was broken in 6.0.9
  • Update brooms, the boost power (space bar)c will now directly affect speed.
  • Add /mmob list command, to list all custom mob types. Tab-complete now includes vanilla mobs.
  • Add "allow_pvp_restricted" config option, to allow pvp-restricted spells to be cast anywhere.
  • Add health and hunger options for spell casting costs


  • No longer blocking crafing of the wood hoe and diamond sword
  • Default emerald worth changed to 100 to make Vault-less economy less expensive
  • Currency system tweaked, deposits/withdrawals only work with emeralds and gold nuggets
  • Add survival_fly NCP exemptions to brooms/levitate
  • NCP integration is on by default (if NCP is present)
  • Fix for magic wearables not getting worn on right-click
  • Add /mitem export command, dump items, names and costs to a CSV file
  • The FallProtection action will now work an unlimited number of times by default (within the given duration)
    Use the protection_count parameter to reduce this.
  • Fix wands still having right-click turned on by default (Toggle button is Q now)
  • Fix for "circular riding" issues with Mount
  • Add "sp_earn_enabled" option


  • Possible breaking API changes: Refactored casting costs, changed range values to double
  • Add Dragon Ball spell (shoots an Ender Dragon fireball)
  • All mana-related configuration and properties changed from "xp" to "mana". Should be backwards-compatible.
  • Improved ender dragon targeting, fixed ender dragon direct damage
  • Add support for spells consuming SP to cast
  • Tweaked Petrify spell, add 2 more levels
  • Add "/mitem type" sub-command for changing an item's type
  • Fix wands interfering with infinite potion effects added by other plugins
  • Changed "mode_cast" property of wands to "quick_cast". Backwards compatible.
  • Add more customization options for wands, each of left/right click, drop and swap can now
    be assigned a specific function from cast, toggle inv, cycle hotbar, cycle spells.
  • Add Lightsaber configs (W.I.P.)
  • Added EquationEffect to EffectLib, for creating custom effects


  • Falling blocks won't cause physics updates if the spell that launched them doesn't
  • Some fixes to tracking attached blocks, particularly fire, for undo


  • Fix the default wand having no mana- SORRY about that!
  • Fix issues with cooldowns resetting when they shouldn't
  • Fix welcome_wand feature
  • Add "Capture" spell- Conduit (staff) only for now. Captures any mob into a spawn egg.
  • Add support for a few attributes to the /mitem command (attack damage, attack speed, movement speed)
  • Add "Philbert Egg" item, a charged creeper egg. DANGER!
  • Add "mobshop" for selling mob eggs, several more custom spawn eggs
  • Add relative location support to the "mmob spawn" command


  • REQUIRES Spigot build 697 or higher!
  • The offhand swap button (F) is now used to cycle hotbars
  • Fix brooms


  • Add craftable Ocarina item (Thank you, SexyToad!)
  • Cloak of Invisibility is now invisible while worn
  • Fix wand effect_bubbles
  • Add items.yml, configuration for setting up non-wand items and item values
  • Add new permissions: Magic.wand.overwrite, Magic.wand.overwrite_own for controlling "/wand save"
  • Default wand is now called "wand" rather than "default"
  • Added "/wand delete" command for deleting saved wands
  • Add /mitem command:
  • save : Save your held item, can be used in crafting, /mgive, etc
  • delete : Delete a saved item
  • describe : Show item details
  • name : Set a custom display name for an item
  • duplicate : Clone an item
  • worth : Show how much an item is worth, can be defined with /mitem save
  • add/remove : Add and remove lore, flags, unbreakable, enchants (coming soon: attributes)
  • Add "hylian_shield" item (non-magical, just a cool Link shield)
  • Add "trinketshop" including several decorative player skulls (try /mgive aquarium)


  • Add "Glide" spell- an instant Elytra!
  • Add "bypass_upgrade_commands" permission, useful for staff if your command contain rank-ups
  • Lift now applies the Levitation effect when used on a mob/player
  • Add Elytra crafting recipe, disabled by default
  • Add attributes support for magic mobs (used only on Mutant Captain for now)
  • Fix issues right-clicking signs


  • Fix issues with pasting signs in schematics (Fixes Wolf House crashing clients!)
  • The mana bar is now completely virtual, should fix compatibility issues with other plugins
  • Levitate deactivates on dismount rather than crashing (for now?)


  • Fix Magic Hat appearance
  • Fix wands not being craftable
  • Fixed wands being placeable in droppers
  • Only bound+undroppable wands are completely undroppable now, but can be put in ender chests
  • /wand restore won't restore wands that you have in your ender chest


  • Dropped support for 1.8!
  • Wands in the offhand slot can cast spells with right-click. Dual-wielding wands!
  • All wand templates changed to "Q to drop" by default! This is to support the off hand.
  • Fix sounds not playing
  • Fix PermaFrost and Forest spells, biome lists needed updating
  • Add custom villager recipes to magic mob spawning. Yay economy rebalance!
  • Tracking Sense now applies the glowing effect to the target entity
  • Fix for Arrow-based spells
  • All wand icons moved to the wooden hoe, other icons are now normal craftable items.
  • Add enable_resource_pack_check option to work around new RP behavior where it won't update on changes.

This build only works on 1.9 and up!