Magic CB-1.0


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    May 13, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • 1.7.4


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1.0 - This build is now meant specifically for CraftBukkit 1.7

  • Cure casts no longer count towards level up unless it has something to cure
  • Wound now does physical damage (added magic_damage parameter to turn this on/off per spell)
  • Non-engineering spells now cancel and deactivate if you let go of your wand or are Cursed
  • Schematics load asynchronously
  • Fix build/break permission checks on incendiary/exploding projectiles
  • Turned off pvp restrictions on most spells, preventing targeting players in PVP regions
  • Add support for Towny warzones, friendly fire, and arenas
  • Fix an item frame related dupe exploit


  • Separate break/build permissions- check MIGRATION log.
  • Expanded Towny integration, added "towny_wilderness_bypass" flag.
  • Add ability to apply damage directly via a FallingBlock hit to ThrowBlock and ModifyBlock
  • Some quick-cast fixes (Stash spell)
  • Fixes to enchanting progress with disabled spells (disabling Rollback will disable upgrading to Engineer now)
  • Add Secure Level 2
  • Added Tree to the Engineering path
  • Nerf stream, earth- add Stream Level 2 and 3
  • Fix an item dupe issue with /give'ing items directly into the wand inventory
  • Fix wands eating XP given directly to a player


  • Add quick-cast from inventory, hit Q on a spell.
  • Add brush selector paging
  • Fix wand duplication glitch on certain death cases
  • Fix compatibility with Scavenger plugin
  • Add "use_magic_damage" config option to turn off "magic" (splash potion) damage source
  • Fix XP scale to 1.8 standards (effects XP-based shops)
  • Add "regenerate_while_inactive" config option to turn off wands regen'ing mana while not held
  • Tweaks: Push, Mine, Flash Bang, Flare (lvl 2)

  • Hotfix for 1.7 compatibilitiy
  • /mmap list supports regex searching
  • Add /mmap player command for creating player portraits without the Camera spell
  • Add Lockpick spell (admin-only)


  • Add "mmap" command for dealing with image maps (load, give, list)
  • Add ability to import Pixelator images into Magic
  • Optimize '/magic load'
  • Tweak spell FX so they originate at the wand and end at the actual hit location
  • Fix issue with inventory-mode wands when the default mode is chest
  • Fix glitchy Admission behavior
  • Add Secure spell
  • Add Levels 2 and 3 to Wound, Kill and Torture spells
  • Support animated GIFs in image maps (though you may not want to use it, bandwidth hog!)


  • Fix very short visibility range of firework effects
  • Add "command" trait for simple command NPCs
  • Group /mskills skills by class
  • Fix losing your broom if you die while riding
  • Add "/mtrait invisible" for invisible NPCs
  • Add configurable entity hitbox dimensions
  • Some fixes the player death / inventory handling for compatibility
  • Update Elder wand to be more like the Wolf
  • Update Student,Apprentice,Master,Engineer and Architect wands to match enchanting paths
  • Add Wand Shop


  • Restore custom icons!
  • Add Magnetic Leggings
  • Try to work-around other plugins (/hat) putting the temporary hat in the player's inv.
  • More fixes to chest mode
  • Fix blocks not dropping when placed inside a magically constructed house
  • Some fixes to death behavior that may have interfered with other plugins
  • Fix loading banners from schematics
  • Add page# to /mskills command
  • Fix errors sending firework effects to other worlds


  • Temporarily turned off custom item icons due to complications with 1.8.4 client changes.

  • Added Heroes integration (can use Heroes skills with the "heroes" wand or /mskills items)

  • Added Hulk Boots
  • Add Cleric's Robes
  • Allow crafting recipes for spells, brushes and normal items
  • Firework effects are produced entirely client-side.
    Hoping this addresses some "entity tracker" lag a few servers have been seeing. It might not.
  • EffectLib now runs effects asynchronously. Should help with lag from spamming complex effects like Helix.
  • Fix "indestructible: false" on wands not working
  • Hunters will mostly usually clean up after themselves on death
  • Some fixes to EMP and SuperEMP
  • Add allowed-wands and blocked-wands custom region flags


  • Fix chest mode (some spells not showing up)
  • Fix a potential conflict with other crafting plugins


  • Fix running on CraftBukkit 1.8
  • Added tons of new items (available in the "magicitemshop")
  • Add Wizards' Robes set (chainmail armor, grants +10% mana each)
  • Add Apprentice Robes set (chainmail armor, grants +5% mana each)
  • Add Rabbit Boots, Rocket Boots, Flash Boots
  • Add Invisible Cloak
  • Add Night Vision Goggles
  • Add Diving Helmet
  • Magic Hat grants +10% mana regen and +20% max mana
  • Fix item shop "price" lore not being removed when purchasing
  • Removed wand health/hunger regen and haste properties. Replaced by potion effects, wands should auto-migrate.
  • Removed Gills from the enchanting path (in favor of Diving Helmet item)
  • Fix another Rollback exploit (Thanks, LordBoos!)
  • Fix wands wiped if logout on death
  • Some general safety precautions for saving player data, not sure if it fixes anything


  • Add GriefPrevention support
  • Add Walls and SuperCylinder spells
  • Some fixes to prevent exploits and bugs with double chest rollback
  • TNT, fireballs and thrown blocks won't affect a protected region
  • Fix Chop and Mine recursion, add more levels
  • Add support for custom-named physical currency
  • Add Magic.wand.enchant and Magic.wand.craft permissions (true by default)
  • Add native schematic loading- supports paintings, item frames, flower pots, and more.
  • Removed WorldEdit soft-dependency
  • Fix some chest mode issues, remove "fake hotbar"
  • Add Magic.undo_others permission node for Rollback spell
  • Some additional protection for dragging items in a GUI
  • Remove unused "signs" parameter from ConstructSpell, using raw NBT for sign updates now
  • Some fixes/improvements to Blink
  • Magic Hat now grants a 20% max mana boost
  • Added Tornado Level 2


  • Fix Magic Hats disappearing, make them craftable (nether star + leather helmet)
  • Magic hats now perform one of a random set of actions
  • Add configurable list of entities to auto-undo. Now includes armor stands and dropped items.
  • Re-balance enchanting and economy a bit
  • Fix restoring chest contents creating glitched "0" amount items
  • Fix items sometimes dropping from exploded chests set to auto-undo
  • Remove "bounce" spell
  • Add support for commands in Recall (for /f home, /spawn with warmup, etc)
  • Fix Recall putting you in the ground/walls sometimes
  • Add basic physical economy to shops (defaults to emeralds if Vault is not found!)
  • Add Broom shop and Automata Heart buyback shop


  • Fix mana regen rate (it's 4x what it should be)
  • Allow mana to regen while not holding a wand
  • Add Magic Hat item


  • Remove special characters from messages.defaults.yml files
    (Seems to be causing issues on Windows servers)
  • Various fixes for copying and restoring paintings and item frames
  • Add Gatling Gun spell
  • Add Tornado spell
  • Add Rocket spell - ride a firework
  • Add Forest spell - biome-specific forests
  • Add Firework action for launched fireworks with effects
  • Time spells are now undoable
  • Re-balance Laser, Stun and Curse
  • Action-ize several more spells
  • Add Magic.bypass_restricted permission
  • Allow overlapping spell FX
  • Fix SuperAlter
  • Allow wearing Banners with Hat spell


  • Hotfix for spell shop title issues and Laser auto-rollback failure


Check MIGRATION notes for important information on this release.
This applies if you have customized spells, or use MagicWorlds or dtlTraders.

  • Big under-the-hood changes to support batched actions
  • Lift spell works on entities
  • Fling works while mounted
  • Earthquake throws entities
  • Laser lasts for a few seconds, has continuous effect
  • Reflect works at arbitrary angles
  • Improved handling of config file errors
  • Spell shop improvements:
  • Added customized spell shops via "spells" parameter
  • See engineershop and architectshop
  • Add balance to inventory title
  • Has confirmation screen


The resource pack (or your own version of it) is now very important!

Spells, wands and brooms won't look right, and most spell sound effects will not work without the resource pack.


  • Build permissions for spells have been split into build vs break.
    This mainly affects Towny integration, but if you are using the bypass_build
    config option, or the bypass_build permission you may need to include bypass_break
    for the same effect.


  • Haste, health regen and hunger regen were removed in place of potion effects.
  • You may have (Admin, Wolf) wands that made you invulnerable but no longer do.
    You'll need to get a new one, or do "/wand configure protected true"


The worth_items list in config.yml has changed to "currency", and the format is different.
If you have a customized physical economy, please take note!


Spell shops were re-balanced. You can now tweak the "worth_base" value in config.yml to scale
spell prices up or down.

Spell shops now default to an emerald-based economy (rather than XP) if Vault is not found.
This is configurable via worth_items in config.yml.


4.6 is a major change under the hood, the biggest since 4.0. I've tried to keep everything
mostly the same, but there are some changes to be aware of.

General updates

  • MagicWorlds will need to be updated to 1.2
  • Changed configuration options related to construction interval / max blocks
  • The default restricted material list is much less restrictive. Building with TNT, emeralds, ore, etc is now allowed.
  • Updated and fixed dtlTraders integration.
  • You will need to fix your spell and wand shops- sorry
  • You may need to disable brush/spell/wand glow until an issue in dtlTraders is resolved

Custom spell configurations

If you have a custom spell configuration with "actions:" in it, you may need to update:

  • Iterate action renamed to Line
  • ReplaceMaterial action renamed to ModifyBlock
  • CoverAction split into Disc and Cover
  • To reproduce previous behavior, change "Cover" to "Disc" and add a "Cover" under it
  • Disc builds a Disc, Cover searches for the topmost block, up or down, on one block


Just in case anyone is actually using the API:

  • Changed API cast() methods to return success/failure


  • The "undo" spell changed its key to "rollback" to match the spell's name.


  • FlowerSpell flower lists moved to parameters section
  • Multi-target base spells no longer supported, must use ConeOfEffectAction (see: laser, push)
  • API Change: Spell.playEffects changed to use a CastContext


  • Many default spells migrated to the new "action" system.
  • Default configs changed drastically, all auto-undo.
  • Enchanting path options changed from max_xp_max and max_xp_regeneration to max_mana and max_mana_regeneration
  • Commands in command spell parameters have changed slightly.
    (@t -> @tn, @p -> @pn for target and player names)


  • All of the particle effect names have changed (internal EffectLib change).
    There is a PHP script available to help migrate custom configs.
  • WorldGuard 6 or higher is now required for region support!


  • The "enable_creative_mode_ejecting" in config.yml now controls the creative mode special
    behavior. If you have "enable_custom_item_hacks" set to false, you probably want to set
    enable_creative_mode_ejecting to false also.


  • Some magic items (spells, upgrades) may need to be updated. Sorry!
  • The "xp" casting cost has changed to "mana" ("xp" is still valid, but consumes player XP)
  • If you have a completely custom spells.yml, search are replace "xp:" for "mana:" to fix.


  • Drop support for Cratbukkit 1.6 - 1.7.2 is now the minimum required version
  • Update to EffectLib 2.0 - all effect class names have changed


  • The configuration option "wand_enchantable_item" is now off by default. This means
    that wands won't change to a wooden sword when enchanting. If you are using a pre-1.7.9
    version of Bukkit, you may (or may not) need to put this option back in config.yml


  • The particle effect names have changed to the EffectLib versions is all places:


  • Enchanting is now customizable via multiple enchanting paths. If you had previously modified the "random"
    template in wands.yml, you will need to transfer your work to enchanting.yml.
    There are also now multiple different enchanting paths, review wands.defaults.yml,
    you will need to override "path" for wands if you want them to continue to all use
    the same enchanting path (now called "master").

  • Crafting is now customizable, there are several new recipes apart from the old
    blaze rod + nether star default. Please review crafting.defaults.yml and adjust
    accordingly, especially if you have a customized crafting configuration.