Magic 3.6


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    Aug 18, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2



  • Drop support for Bukkit 1.6
  • Update to EffectLib 2.0 - all effect class names have changed!
  • Add "color" and "particle parameters to spells, for one-off FX color overrides.
  • Completely remove Magic.powered and Magic.protected pnodes, for good this time. (Pex!)
  • Add /wand restore command for re-creating a bound wand
  • Fix bypass_confusion parameter
  • Improve "magic damage", now with entity source
  • Familiars don't drop loot when killed
  • Projectiles and explosions will add hanging entities to the undo queue when broken
  • Fix shrunken heads (UUIDs.. checking for lag)
  • Fix target direction ovveride parameters, useful for FX
  • Fix painting copy/undo (Thanks, Chilinot!)
  • Fix /magic load working with spells that have changed class
  • Fix enchantment path/level scaling (all levels were maxed)



  • Drop support for Cratbukkit 1.6 - 1.7.2 is now the minimum required version
  • Update to EffectLib 2.0 - all effect class names have changed


  • The configuration option "wand_enchantable_item" is now off by default. This means
    that wands won't change to a wooden sword when enchanting. If you are using a pre-1.7.9
    version of Bukkit, you may (or may not) need to put this option back in config.yml


  • The particle effect names have changed to the EffectLib versions is all places:


  • Enchanting is now customizable via multiple enchanting paths. If you had previously modified the "random"
    template in wands.yml, you will need to transfer your work to enchanting.yml.
    There are also now multiple different enchanting paths, review wands.defaults.yml,
    you will need to override "path" for wands if you want them to continue to all use
    the same enchanting path (now called "master").

  • Crafting is now customizable, there are several new recipes apart from the old
    blaze rod + nether star default. Please review crafting.defaults.yml and adjust
    accordingly, especially if you have a customized crafting configuration.