Magic 3.1.1


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    May 9, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4



This is a hotfix for some permission issues that arose in 3.1.

If you are using spell or wand permissions, particularly with wildcards or negations, I urge you to update to 3.1.1 as soon as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience!


The Rollback Release!

  • The Curse spell will now temporarily cripple a Mage
  • Improved Shrink - works on giants, pigmen, slimes.
  • Add Pyramid spell, Blob is now a sphere again
  • Spells will automatically reactivate on login (Fly, Levitate, etc)
  • Fix Hat being exploitable for blocks
  • Add Mount spell
  • Curse, Boon, Wither etc effects stack properly
  • Most spells are now undoable (with Rollback or Rewind):
    • Collapse, SuperCollapse, Blast
    • Grenade, Cluster Bomb, Incendiary Grenade, Cluster Grenade
    • Fireball, ICBM, Wither, Meteor Shower, Carpet Bomb
    • Boom, KaBoom, Nuke
    • Sandblast, other falling blocks
    • Curse, Boon, Perk, Blessing
    • Recall, Gather
  • Entity changes are now undoable - even spells like Arrow Rain, Meteor Shower .. bring back the dead with Rollback!
  • Rewind and Rollback will show the name of the spell they undid
  • Automata won't target cross-world
  • Recall won't warp cross-world, too confusing
  • Make the wand enchantable item swapping optional, and off by default.
  • Automata can now randomly choose from a set of spells to cast, and have multiple difficultly levels
  • A slightly better/hackier work-around for annoying Bukkit drag event
  • Wand color will morph depending on spells cast with it
  • Wand haste, hunger and health regen use potion effects (looks better, avoids conflicts)
  • Add Elementals integration
  • Large code refactor, move base spell classes to MagicLib.
    • Devs can now add custom spells to your Plugin without building against MagicPlugin.
    • MagicLib has no dependencies other than MagicAPI and Bukkit.


  • Combining wands on an anvil is glitchy but works (you have to click the empty result slot)


  • I removed the swapping out of enchantable items by default, custom enchanting works in recent CB builds. Change "wand_item_enchantable" in
    config.yml back if you still need this functionality.

  • The auto_undo configuration option is deprecated, now that nearly all spells undo it will produce strange behavior. You
    will need to add "undo" to individual spells if you want auto-undo behavior .. sorry!


  • I removed the legacy player data migration. If you still have old playername-based player data, you will need to
    use 2.9.9 to migrate, and the player must log in. Player data has been UUID-based since 2.9.0 so hopefully you're all migrated by now.

  • I changed more spell parameters, mostly the material/brush related ones. Sorry, trying to get this settled for 3.0.

  • I made the wood_hoe the default wand item, instead of blaze_rod. You can change this back in config.yml if you wish, however this
    was made to support the official Magic resource pack, which are free to use- simply add the following to your file: