Magic 2.8.9


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    Jan 23, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4


  • Restore 1.6 support. (Sorry, I didn't realize it was broken in 1.6!)
  • Simplify config files. (MIGRATION NOTE!!)
  • Make magic.yml wands.yml and spells.yml additive (you only need to put what you want to change in the files)
  • Add "bounce" spell
  • Save lost wands for easier re-location.
  • Fix not being able to drop items with a wand active.
  • Add /magic list command (WIP, currently lists lost wands)
  • Fix the iterate spell using the replicate material. Strange effects though :)
  • Optimize the pending block construction task
  • Add phase spell
  • Superblob will now replace more block types. Blob remains the same.
  • Some general fixes to the "find place to stand" code (ascend, descend, phase)
  • Add "wand" recall type, some general recall improvements. (returns you to your lost wands)
  • Add spell casts to dynmap (WIP - off by default)
  • Add a hard limit to range and radius multipliers


BIG ONE: All config files have had their root removed. So there is no "general" in magic.yml, it's all flat.

Additional note: in magic.yml the material lists (destructible, indestructible, etc) have moved under a "materials"

This should be easy enough to fix in your customized configurations, but otherwise they will be ignored- so make
sure you catch this on upgrade.

Note that now you only need to modify what you want to have different now. So it might be a good time to review your
custom configurations!

If you want to disable a wand or spell, set the "enabled" property to "false" (instead of removing it)

I'm trying to get the config formats more or less solidified by 2.9.0, and I hope the overall format won't change at all
after official release (3.0).

Full migration notes:

  • Enchanting is a little wonky, due to having to swap out the item for an enchantable one
  • Combining wands on an anvil is glitchy but works (you have to click the empty result slot)
  • Using the creative inventory will destroy any wands you have :(
  • The Essentials sign integration is pretty hacky, but functional.