Magic 2.8.7


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    Jan 18, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2


  • Implement replicate and clone materials (!)
  • Add /wand organize command
  • Override shift+click in wand inventory to quick-select a spell or material
  • Add "mail" spell, not made for wands, but for setting up "polling stations".
  • Fix permissions on fire spell
  • Add visual effects to fling and levitate
  • Add message colorization (MIGRATION NOTE)
  • Make the blast spell a little more interesting, WIP
  • Add "commitall" variant to UndoSpell, to clear everyone's undo queue (admin tool)
  • Fix tag spell to use a better date formatter.
  • Refactor wands to not store materials by id (though the data byte is still raw)
  • Nerf a lot of the construction spells. Wand's "power" can be used to create larger constructions.
  • Better labelling of spells in the wand inventory.
  • Fix potential "disabled map" spam



quiet changed to show_cast_messages
silent changed to show_messages
message_prefix and cast_message prefix added
"size" parameter added to IterateSpell, though the default is the same
"effect_color" in wands.yml changed to a string

Full migration notes:

  • Enchanting is a little wonky, due to having to swap out the item for an enchantable one
  • Combining wands on an anvil is glitchy but works (you have to click the empty result slot)
  • Using the creative inventory will destroy any wands you have :(
  • The Essentials sign integration is pretty hacky, but functional.