Magic 2.8.0


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    Jan 5, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2


== Major release time! ==

Probably the last one for a little bit- it's back to work time. This one is a doozy, though, and has several new features and commands with some specific server configurations in mind.

  • Make wands really indestructible (thanks JRL1004 and Jogy34)!
  • Add "keep_wands_on_death" option, off by default
  • Add "default" block in wands.yml to control the wand given with /wand
  • Add stained glass to the painter wand
  • Add click cooldown as a work-around for squirrely interact event behavior
  • Add "commit" spell to clear your undo queue.
  • Add "modifiable" wand property - this can be used to make a wand unenchantable or otherwise upgradeable
  • Integrates with dynmap for tile updates.
  • Fix logger to use the standard Plugin logger.
  • Fix wand names reverting when closing the wand inventory.
  • Make the light spell targeted (it is permanent, by the way- I can't seem to work around that)
  • Add /wand upgrade command - this works just like "configure" but will only add to values, never reduce. Works with /wandp.
  • Add /wand fill command. Also works with /wandp, fills a wand with all spells the player has permission to use.
  • Removed /magic reset command (no longer useful, and not entirely safe. If you want to reset, shut down the server and delete all the config files)
  • Modified superblob spell to use a new "select" version of construct.
  • Add supershell, superbox, convert and superconvert spells.

LOCALIZATION CHANGE - may require moving wand and spell names and descriptions to messages.yml

- 1.6 ALERT: I accidentally broken 1.6 support somewhere around here. Fixed in 1.8.9

 - Enchanting is a little wonky, something to do with swapping out the item for an enchantable one, I think.
 - Using the creative inventory will destroy any wands you have
 - The Essentials sign "integration" is super hacky. I don't expect issues, but I'm hoping to find a better way.