Magic 2.2.3


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    Oct 21, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.4


Nearing full release! The wands.yml config file now functions for creating custom wand templates.

Other changes:

  • Active spell now shows its name when you switch to it (WIP, may be buggy)
  • Erasing with construction spells works better (/wand add material erase)
  • Added "/wand list" command to list all wand templates (as defined in wands.yml)
  • Various fixes

Still TODO:

  • Add XP to the costs system
  • Add wand properties
  • Built-in protection(s)
  • XP regeneration
  • Reduced casting cost
  • Lots of config file updates (new spell icons, new building material / targetable lists, etc)

... That's the big short list for release, I think.

Future stuff... considering making a version of the construction spells that conserves materials- so if you want to fill 64 blocks, you have to have 64 blocks in your inventory, that kind of thing.