Magic 10.2


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    Nov 15, 2021
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


Mob AI

  • New brain section in magic mob configs (1.17 only)
    • remove_default_goals to remove all vanilla goals (turn off default AI)
    • remove_goals to remove specific default goals
    • goals to add vanilla and custom pathfinding goals
    • remove_default_targetsremove_targetstargets also available for targeting goals
    • The debugger spell will show mobs' current goals
    • magic_requirement goal can be used to wrap a vanilla goal in magic requirements
  • Pets
    • Added ownable property, allows any mob to be owned via the Tame action
    • Added stay property, allowing any mob to "sit"
    • (WIP, will be tameable with items)
    • TODO: add pets example with pet shop, ownable pets
  • Add collidable flag to mobs
  • Add stayowner and owned flags to CheckEntity, for specific behaviors for owned mobs
  • Add owned and stay requirements
  • New moon requirement for phase-of-moon logic, simplify time requirement
  • Example scaredy mob added, a cat that gets scared in the dark
  • Example philbert mob added, a friendly tameable creeper
  • ModelEngine example mob kindetron added, custom boss mob
  • Warlocks and Dark Wizards now try to keep their distance, swing their arms when casting
  • Mutants will now follow mutant captains, and easily panic when there is no captain around
  • NPCs now always look at players (have ai, don't move, aren't collidable)
  • Add leash_blocks mob spawner option to prevent mobs going over specific block types
  • Add swing trigger for mobs, triggers when they swing their arm (1.17 only)


  • Added halloween example from TheDarthFather (thank you!) (use /mexample fetch halloween)


  • More precise targeting through blocks like stairs and carpet
  • Improved natural mob spawning, rebalance otherside and netherside spawns
  • Add Lands to generic_protection by default
  • There is now a builtin* list you can use to set up mob permission teams without ops being on a team by default (Permission queries changed again, please let me know if anything weird happens, such as no permission to craft or use wands)
  • Allow using numbers for "slot" parameters in various places (such as the CheckInventory action)
  • Mobs spawned by the monster and mob spell will attack for you (familiar and farm will follow you)
  • The Damage action will now force-set the damager and damaged NMS references, so "magic" damage registers with vanilla mob AI, possibly other plugins


  • Fix SkillAPI integration (needs testing)
  • Fix CheckTrigger action not being able to check the same trigger twice in two different actions of the same spell This change also means that multiple triggers in a spell will need to happen in the order they appear in the spell. I apologize if this interferes with any existing spell behavior, please let me know!
  • Survival dragons changed to phantoms, improve AI and fix being one-shottable with arrows
  • Fix issues with spell inventories and EliteMobs loot showers
  • Force-deactivate all players on server shutdown (prior to logout), for MDB compatibility issues
  • The Freeze action now uses a separate snowable material list to prevent changing ice to snow
  • Fixes and improvements to mysql data storage, particularly in a multi-server setup
  • Fix items put directly in a spell inventory (vanilla give, other plugins) getting lost if the player's survival inventory is full
  • Fix integration with future releases of Towny, the Warzone API is gone
  • Fix color lore showing on leather icons in Recall and other places
  • Fix Capture not working on 1.16+ mobs
  • Fix errors when using dev builds of GriefPrevention
  • Fix piglins going nuts when their zombification is cancelled
  • Fix CheckInventory action not being able to check for air (empty slot) see windfist example
  • Fix parsing decimal costs, and fix mconfig making costs decimals


  • Add critical: effects section for Damage action, when a critical hit occurs
  • Add more custom wand lore placeholders: $attributes, $slots, $slot, $sets, $potion_effects, $enchantments, $cast_spell
  • Add zAuctionHouse support, bound wands can't be auctioned
  • Add placeholders option to wands, for making custom placeholders that can be used in custom lore
  • Add potion_effects messages section for customizing potion effect names in wand lore
  • Add allow_offhand wand flag, to prevent specific wands from working in the offhand
  • Add renamable wand flag, to prevent specific wands from being renamed on an anvil
  • Add fail action handler to Probability action
  • Add prob(p, x, y) function to equation parser, returns x if a random 0-1 draw < p, else returns y
  • Add cache: false option to items to allow randomization to work
  • Add entity_parameters section to SpawnEntity action, will be applied to any mobs spawned
  • Add skills.quick_cast: auto option to wands, to allow spellbooks with only some quick-cast skills
  • Add rarify spell as an optional Apprentice spell, improves ore drops but requires teamwork
  • Magic attribute modifiers now support specific slots and operations like vanilla modifiers
  • Allow placeholders in Recall icon descriptions
  • Add item_properties wand config, for (possibly randomized) properties to be put on the wand item when it is created
  • Add hidden: true option on attribute configs, will keep them out of wand lore
  • Add allow_path_overrides: false wand option, to make it easier to customize wand mana


  • Mob spawners are indestructible to spells
  • The Tame action will cause tamed mobs to persist
  • Don't allow renaming spells, skills, currency or other non-wand special items on an anvil
  • The Magic Sword can now have effect trails just like a wand
  • Potion effects with a negative amplifier will be considered more important than positive ones

Balance Changes

  • Nerf Blast damage
  • Buff Kill damage vs players
  • Nerf dragon attack damage
  • The Mine and Chop spells are in the "engineering" category, useful when region-tagging