Magic 10.1


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    Sep 30, 2021
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


New Features

  • Wand/armor set bonuses
    • Configure wand_sets globally in config.yml
    • Configure sets on each wand piece in the set
    • Overall or per-item bonuses can be applied once enough set pieces are worn at once
    • See survival wizard_armor set for example
    • Wizard armor (including magic hat) now have an SP earn bonus when the full set is worn
  • Reference Guide
    • Spell action and effectlib effect reference information is now available via /mhelp
    • I will attempt to improve the descriptions and information over time!


  • Remove default tick_increase from Projectile action, magic arrows will now take the normal time to despawn This was done to improve compatibility with server forks that mess with NMS mappings (Purpur)
  • Fix materia-absorbing to match by block type only
  • Fixes for invalid NPCs in 1.17 (if you are on 1.17 please make sure to update to latest Paper/Spigot)
  • Fix missing lore and broken air icons in selectors
  • Fix engineering wands not showing materia in level display
  • Prevent spells that glitch out of a spell inventory being absorbable as spells
  • Change the broom booster recipe since firework rockets were problematic
  • Fix passive spells double-triggering under some circumstances
  • Fix not being able to re-join a pvp arena after losing but before the match is over
  • Fix rollback giving back blocks with NBT data on them
  • Fix upgrade lore overwriting wand lore when using custom lore
  • Fix potter, bending and stars examples also including (unobtainable) survival spells


  • Added craftable "Robe Patch" item to robes configs, for repairing robes
  • Add yaw/pitch (and target_yaw,target_pitch) attributes
  • Add drop_at_source option to DropSkull action, for 3D camera (camera3D) item
  • Added UltimateClans support for teams, break and build permissions
  • Allow block/reflect parameters on classes and modifiers
  • Add reflect_chance/reflect_fov parameters for classes, wands and modifiers to reflect without blocking
  • Added Reflect level 5, which makes the caster directly reflective
  • Added spawn sub-actions to EntityProjectile action
  • Added loot option to mobs, a simpler way to specify drops with probability that also can use variables (drops can not use variables, both can be used side-by-side on the same mob)
  • Expose enchantment levels as attributes, currently only works on the mainhand item
  • Expose active potion effects as atttributes
  • Add axolotl and goat skins for shrink, airstrike and camera
  • Player currency balance now available as placeholder variables, e.g. $currency or @materia
  • Brush selector now shows materia balance in inventory title
  • Add remove_on_finish: true option to PotionEffect and Modifier actions
  • Add probability option to effects
  • Add ignore_name spell property to have spells ignore entities with a specific name
  • Add face_player NPC option to allow them to face players without any dialog
  • Add TradeSystem compatibility, don't allow trading bound wands


  • Using /meditor spell will include all levels of a spell (unless you have previously edited that spell)
  • Many builtin magic mobs now respect looting (and in some cases luck) for loot drops
  • Arrows shot by the "Regular arrow" magic bow spell can't be picked up. This is to prevent it being used to gain arrows with the infinity enchantment, though unfortunately this means it will burn through arrows without the enchant. Will hopefully improve this in the future.
  • The Conduit rank will switch the wand display back to SP since materia is no longer needed
  • Nerf the Wither spell
  • Don't allow Heal in arenas