Magic 10.0.2


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    Sep 7, 2021
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


Please see this video for important update information if you're updating from before 10.0!



10.0.2 Hotfixes


  • Fix photos of a bat being a green apple or something
  • Fix wands from 10.0 dev build having a broken GUI until using the controls menu
  • Fix error using /mage promote when a player has levelled-up spells
  • Fix error in EntitySelectAction when there are more than 54 entities in the menu (no pages for now...)
  • Fix rocket boots crafting recipe
  • Fix /marena import command
  • Fix the saddle on the Horse spell horse being removeable

10.0.1 Hotfixes


  • Fix empty wand (broomstick) slot lore not using name from messages
  • Fix camo armor coloring other armor worn at the same time
  • Fix spells all having broken icons if using bending, potter or stars configs without survival loaded
  • Fix PlaceholderAPI placeholders


10.0 Release Notes:

New Features

  • Wand Mechanics re-work, the default survival wand mechanics have changed (1.16+)

    • Right-click now cycles the active spell, drop button (Q) toggles spell inventory
    • There is a new 2nd hotbar display when the spell inventory is closed and the player has the resource pack
    • This uses the action bar, but can be reconfigured to a boss bar if there are compatibility issues
    • Wand instructions improved and streamlined, instructions: false added to wand config to easily turn them off
    • Wand controls changed to use slot system, so controls can be changed after the fact
    • Controls menu has detailed button mapping and GUI options
    • Downstream changes:
      • Add requirement_properties wand feature, allows wands to vary their properties based on the player passing some requirements
      • Add resource_pack: true requirement option
      • Added cycle_spell and cycle_hotbar wand effect options
      • Add swappable: false wand option, which allows you to use the swap key while the wand inventory is closed.
      • Allow cycling hotbars with the wand inventory closed
      • Add wand instructions to wand item lore. Use lore_instructions: false in wand config to turn this off.
      • Wand slotted upgrades can be made hidden, swappable and replaceable (now used for controls selection)
      • Added new true/false requirements: resource_pack, spell_inventory_open
  • Survival Crafting Recipes Changed (again)

    • The Magic Heart is no more, the client-side Knowledge Book just does not handle it well enough
    • New recipes with the same balance for all magic items
    • Players can right-click any magic hearts they currently have to get a refund
    • You can bring the hearts back with /mexample add magicheart
  • Magic Bow re-work

    • Light arrow rebalance
    • Can be enchanted, only the infinity enchantment, which will make it cost-free
    • Added Grapple arrow to Archer path
  • MythicMobs support:

    • Mythic mobs can be referred to by name in any configs or /mmob command.
    • Any Magic mob with the same name (key) as a Mythic mob will overlay abilities
    • Use mythic_mob: (mob type) in a magic mob config to make it build on a mythic mob
    • use mythic_mob_level: (level) in a config or spawn parameters to set the MM level
  • Improved in-game help system /mhelp command

    • Ops or mods with magic.notify permission will be prompted to try it
    • Can search through help topics, or navigate with clickable chat links
    • Please try it out before asking for support!
  • Add support for JSON chat component messages, escaped with backticks such as

    &6Swing &7(&b`{"keybind":"key.attack"}`&7) &fyour &a$wand
    • Can be used in wand lore, Message action, action bar, boss bar titles and any in-game messages.yml text


  • Fix behavior of wand magic attribute stacking
  • Fix upgrading mana (and probably other properties) in wand slotted upgrades
  • Fix some class configurations not updating for online players when configs are changed
  • Fix mob boss bars duplicating on config reload
  • Fix not being able to upgrade enchantment level of magic sword and armor with books
  • Fix casting cost of Workbench being too high for a Beginner to cast
  • Fix stacked wand upgrades absorbing the full stack when dropping on a wand
  • Fix unintentionally overriding Mythic mob or naturally spawned mob properties when applying Magic mob behaviors to them
  • Fix Drop block break/place rule not being able to drop wands
  • Fix mage attributes not being taken into account on a wand's vanilla item attributes
  • Fix right-click mode controls menu option turning off a wand's ability to cycle hotbars
  • Fix switching spell inventory pages on Bedrock (tapping on the spellbook should now work)
  • Fix spawning colored sheep
  • Fix slime and magma cube magic mobs
  • Fix "invalid NPC" spam on startup from NPCs in spawn chunks
  • Fix CheckInventory not detecting a stack of items
  • Fix magic mobs continuing to track you no matter how far away you run Use relentless: true on a mob config to restore this behavior
  • Fix consecutive empty lines not working in messages and lore


  • Add pickup trigger, fired when a player picks up an items
  • Added cooldownbiomes and not_biomes options to block populators
  • The ColorItem action can be used to color a potion, firework charge or a firework (will change all effects in a firework)
  • Add mgive shortcut for firework_charge:#FF00AA to give colored firework charges
  • Add infinity_cost_free wand property, will make the wand cost-free if it has the Infinity enchantment
  • Add mgive support for enchanted_book enchantments
  • Selector name, description and lore now support placeholders
  • Add not_brush parameter to CheckBlock, use-case is only playing effects at a location where a block was modified (not the same as the brush)
  • The ColorItem action is now mostly undoable, though probably only suited for mob use (since players can move items around)
  • Expand wand slots feature, slots can be config sections now with properties like swappable (for slotted upgrades that can be swapped out) or hidden
  • Add magic_blocks list to arenas, arena will turn the magic block on/off when the arena starts/stops
  • Add Selector support for simple shortcuts newrow and none
  • Boss bar configurations can omit the bar__ prefix in parameters (this kept confusing me)
  • The ModifyBlock action can now spawn falling blocks of any type, rather than only spawning them from destroyed blocks
  • Add self_destruct wand property, for a wand that will be destroyed when held
  • Spell parameters can now be used inside of equations within that spell
  • The ModifyAttribute action now supports an x variable holding the current attribute value, just like ModifyProperties
  • The /mage deactivate command can now be used as an alias for /mage lock
  • Add macro system to messaging, useful for making shortcuts for chat components
  • Add item requirement, for checking if a player has an item (similar to CheckInventory action)
  • Allow a messages section on a spell config. to embed messages right in a spell (useful for Selector, Shop or other text-heavy spells)
  • Add unlock_earns parameter to Selector, rewardshop example of single-time requirement-base rewards
  • The spawnmobs example magic mobs will rarely drop special loot that can be sold in the lootshop
  • Add use_brush: helmet option to ArmorStandProjectile so it can put a sampled block on the armor stand
  • Item configurations can now have a discover_recipes list, learned by players when they hold the item
  • Expanded PlaceholderAPI support, exposing all attributes and allowing for custom-defined placeholders
  • Add /mexample command as an alias for /mconfig example


  • Smite and Meteor changed to use BreakBlock action, will work in protected areas
  • Removed robes from hires RP, added hires-robes and hires-all RP which are selected automatically
  • Broomstick upgrades can be swapped out
  • Changed how arenas and their templates interact to work more like other magic configs/instances
  • Added default_stage properties to arena, to set default stage properties
  • Improved lore wrap behavior, taking colors, hex colors and chat components into account, increase default limit to 48 characters
  • Players will now be instructed how to turn on the RP if their client declines it. They can disable this message with /getrp off and are prompted to do so If you still don't want the nagging, you can use /mconfig configure message resource_pack.declined ""
  • Rebalance Magic Missile to make earlier progression easier
  • Turn AureliumSkills mana back off by default, it's way too much of a mess. If you'd like to back on, use /mconfig configure config aurelium_skills.use_mana true
  • Changes and improvements to offhand casting, left-swing action always used
  • Modifiers can now be used on magic armor, however this required changing the save data format for modifiers, so any modifiers you have manually applied via /mage modifier add will need to be re-applied.
  • Nerf wizard armor protection a little so it's not as strong as vanilla chainmail