Magic 9.4


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    Jul 24, 2021
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


You can use the new ModelEngine action to play specific animation states or tint your models. This can be hooked up to mob triggers to make uniquely reactive custom mobs:
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You can now use the /mmap slice command to easily make large multi-map portraits and posters from any image:
Magic Maps
I've completely re-done the demo server at
Come and take a tour, maybe you'll learn about a feature of Magic you never knew existed!


  • Trident projectiles respect pickup status (can't be picked up by default) (1.17+)
  • Broomsticks can't be broken, the armor stands are indestructible by default and if broken won't drop items
  • Fix Mine not working on 1.17 ores
  • Fix using mana_display: none in the main config to turn off the XP bar mana display
  • Fix changes to aurelium_skills configuration not taking effect until server restart
  • Fix CheckBlock biome-checking
  • Fix CheckInventory checking for items in specific slots
  • Fix ModelEngine models duplicating when put on NPCs
  • Allow breaking item frames, paintings and armor stands even if prevent_melee_damage is enabled (see: allow_melee_damage)
  • Fix config load warnings (vibration particles) in 1.16 and earlier
  • Fix saddles on horses not working in 1.16 and earlier


  • Add /mmap slice command for creating large multi-map displays
  • Add placeable wand property, will avoid cancelling block place events when held. This is mainly intended to be used on hoes, shovels or other tools with right-click actions that modify blocks, which Spigot interprets as a block place.
  • Add block_broken trigger and target type
  • Add allow_all: false Recall option, to make available options a whitelist instead of blacklist
  • Add worlds list to kit configs, for starter kits that only apply when joining a specific world
  • The EMP spell now triggers dispensers (1.13+)
  • Starter kits can have a priority, higher priority kits are given first
  • Sparkle spell added as optional Student spell, applies a random status effect
  • Add ModelEngine action for detailed model control
  • Add commandwand and commandspell to set up command-bound items
  • The transformable mob property now applies to falling_block entities, and will prevent them from turning into blocks
  • Add Respawn action, for respawning mobs that have died
  • Add testdummy mob, a loveable punching bag you can use for spell testing
  • Add support for getting colored tipped arrows, /mgive tipped_arrow{18001}:#00FF00
  • Add leash_range mob property, currently only works for NPCs
  • Add pose parameters to armor stands


  • Rebranded "automata" to "magic blocks", to avoid confusion with the "block monster" automata
    • The /mauto command is now /mblock, though /mauto should still work as an alias.
    • The CreateAutomaton action was renamed to CreateMagicBlock. The CreateAutomaton action should still work.
    • AutomatonRule changed to MagicBlockRuleAutomatonRule should still work.
    • AutomatonPopulator changed to MagicBlockPopulatorAutomatonPopulator should still work.
  • Mob interact spells will use the player's spell level
  • Rebalance example wands to better match paths, turn off SP earn for them You should not be using these wands for anything other than demoing, but if you need to undo this change you can /mconfig configure wand beginner earn_multiplier 1
  • The close_wand_on_world_change option is now true by default if PerWorldInventory is detected, and also applies to game mode changes.
  • Wands now show instructions in lore while the wand inventory is open. This causes wands to "bounce" when opening them. If you don't like that effect, set wand.inventory_open to "" in messages
  • Clicks on wands in the spell inventory behavior changed slightly to better support creative mode
  • Shop and Selector default messages are now different, base selector messages may need localization
  • Default wand item flags changed to hide dye color. Add an item_flags list to your wand config if you don't want that.
  • Wand charges functionality changed to work more like per-spell mana
  • Improvements to alternate and per-world resource pack functionality