Magic 9.3


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    Jul 14, 2021
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


Arenas, AureliumSkills Integration, Fully Configurable Wand UI


  • The MagicArenas plugin has been integrated into Magic
  • If you are using MagicArenas, you can remove that plugin and then use /marena import
  • Use the /marena command or the editor to create mob and pvp arenas


  • Fix compatibility with PowerRanks (please look out for permission issues, even on other perm systems)
  • Fix consumable wands giving vanilla food depending on the icon used
  • Fix armor-slotted items in kits, such as the armor in the starter kit
  • Improve close_wand_on_world_change feature for better PerWorldInventory compatibility
  • The visibility parameter on effects now works on particles as well as EffectLib effects
  • Fix books dropping out of magically-destroyed lecterns


  • Add wand properties for complete UI configuration:
    • New config sections available, each contains mode:
      • xp_display : What to show in the XP bar, can be anything now, not just mana
      • level_display : What to show as the level number, doesn't have to be SP. Replaces currency_display option,
      • boss_bar : Configured like other boss bar sections, shows at top of screen
    • mode can be one of manacooldownattributecurrency or none
    • Use attribute and currency properties to specify what attribute/currency to show for those modes
    • Added action_bar section, containing message and interval, can show mana or whatever else in action bar
  • Add AureliumSkills integration for mana and attributes:
  • Add ModifyCurrency actions
  • Add target_fall_distance attribute
  • Add charges spell property, a spell can be used several times before going on cooldown
  • Add $wand, $spell and $class placeholders for messages, commands and boss bar titles
  • Add work-in-progress (very) brawl Brawl Stars external example
  • Add simple creative example, pairs with a world gen plugin for personal creative-mode islands
  • Add /meditor command as an alias for /mconfig editor
  • Add ignore_particles mage option, allow turning off particles in the tweak menu
  • Reduce particles on flare, fountain and teleporter effects
  • Add ignore_modified_entities AreaOfEffect option, to ignore entities that have already been modified by this spell
  • Add game_mode and leave_game_mode world option, for per-world game modes
  • Add cancel_on_kill_target option to Damage action


  • Master Sword is no longer bound (you will keep it on death though)
  • Wands will now look up one level (only, for performance) for messages
  • Sneak-clicking the enchant table to bring up the spellshop was removed from survival Use /mconfig configure config enchant_sneak_click spellshop to put it back
  • Sword controls changes to use the same drop/swap behavior as wands
  • Tracking Sense now only tracks players if sneak-casting
  • Change default ConeOfEffect (non-hitbox) targeting to use a wider FOV up close. This also fixes issues selecting NPCs right in front of you
  • Paste and Repair will consume materia, Paste moved to architect rank