Magic 9.2


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    Jul 6, 2021
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


1.17.1 Support


  • New external example added, /mconfig fetch httyd - a "How to Train Your Dragon" config pack from Night!
  • Add type: option for recipes, 1.14+ only, can be any of: furnace,campfire,blasting,smokingstonecutting and smithing (requires 1.16 or post-July 1.17 spigot)
  • Add EntityAnimation action, can make players or mobs swing their arms
  • New EffectLib parameters to support 1.17 particles:
    • to_color: Used for the dust_color_transition particlea
    • arrival_time: Used for the vibration particle
  • New effect player parameters to support 1.17 particles:
    • to_color: An alias for color2 to align with EffectLib parameters
    • particle_arrival_time: For playing individual vibration particles
  • Add equip_on_respawn: false option for mobs, to their equipment won't get reset on respawn/reload
  • Attributes on armor, wands and modifiers will now stack by default (stack: false to turn this off)
  • Add new handlers for combinations: alternate_jumping_upalternate_jumping_downalternate_sneak_downalternate_sneak_up
  • Allow handlers to refer to other handlers, e.g alternate_jumping_up: alternate_jumping
  • Add potion_effects item config option for simple custom potion creation
  • Add enable_custom_sounds config options for easily disabling custom (resource pack) sounds
  • Add Drop class for block break/place rules, see lucky example
  • Add bound_name: name option for wands, to use IGN instead of display name in bound lore
  • Add item_flags list config to wands, for nicer-than-hide_flags item flag support
  • Add sliced bread, sandwich and toasted_sandwich items (recipes disabled by default)
  • Add movement_speed attribute


  • Change builtin zombie_leather recipe to a furnace recipe
  • Right-clicking a wand will always close the inventory if it is open, regardless of what is in your offhand or what block you are looking at
  • Alter now works on candles and candle cakes
  • Magic Torch and Light spells use light blocks in 1.17, don't require LightAPI
  • Light spell moved to engineering configs, available at Architect
  • Magic Torch is craftable by default, use /mconfig disable recipe magictorch if you don't want it


  • Fix spell casts at y < 0
  • Fix chest mode casting a spell when selecting an icon in the chest menu
  • Fix cloak (and other spells) not respecting cancel_on_cast_other nor cancel_on_damage
  • Fix Secure in 1.17
  • The Cloak spell will deactivate when you take damage or cast a different spell
  • Fix mobs' kill triggers not working when killing via a spell or projectile
  • Fix errors in jutsu configs, though they still aren't really ready for use
  • Fix ModifyProperties and ModifyAttributes not applying to the wand used to cast the spell (for armor and offhand casts)