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    May 7, 2021
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I have been intending to work on the RPG configs, I think they're going to be really fun and bring a lot of new features to Magic.

However I keep getting really wrapped up in bug fixes and optimizations, both of which are great, but definitely not as fun.

In particular, I made a change to Magic a while back that has been a huge headache. Specifically this was to set the plugin to load at server startup. This was to facilitate world generation, but has caused a lot of issues, particularly integrating with other plugins.

I'm hoping I have that all fixed now, plus a few other good fixes, optimizations and new features. Please let me know via github or Discord if you continue to have issues. Thank you!

## Changes

- The "drop" key is now bound to toggling the inventory by default (rather than cycling hotbars, use the swap key for that)
- The blaster recipes in the stars configs were changed to use sticks instead of oak wood planks
- RecallAction won't apply protection until after teleporting, this fixes cancel_on_damage not working for recall
- Removed protection_duration from gather to avoid griefing
- Copying/building container contents now restricted to Conduit path
- Skript cast effect can now work with entities, not just players
- Custom lore on wands will udpate when given, instead of having to be held first
- Optimize equation parsing, particularly for servers with a lot of custom attributes
- Optimize message and command replacement. This may have changed behavior slightly, in particular
if you have replacements up against text such as "$target_manaMP" you may need to change it to "$target_mana$MP"
(enclose the placeholder
- The `/mage clear` command will now also remove wands from a player's ender chest

## Additions

- Added `disable_anvil` and `disable_enchanting`, turn off anvil and enchantment table completely
- Add attributes: `armor`, `target_armor`, `luck`, `target_luck`, `attack_damage`, `knockback_resistance`, `target_knockback_resistance`
- Enchantable wands (like the wizard armor) can be combined with an enchanted book
- Add `virtual_book` parameter to Book action
- Add support for `/mgive egg:<mob>`, same result as `/mmob egg <mob>`
- Add option to fix invisible players on login if you have gotten some permanently invisible players:
`mconfig configure config allow_player_persistent_invisibility false`
- Add `ModifyAttribute` action
- Add `full_stack` parameter to `TakeItem` action, set to false to only take 1 item from a stack
- Add `indoors` requirement
- Add `dice` item
- Support `target_<attribute>` in equations for all custom attributes
- Allow disabling any of the special brushes (clone, replicate, erase, etc)
- Add `target_self_requires_pvp` spell parameter, to restore old behavior of PvP/self-targeting interactions
- Updated `bannershop` with several custom banners by TheBugWhisperer
- Add `spell_blocks` config, a superset of the enchant table functionality. See RPG configs for examples.
- Add `max_spells` property to classes and wands, can be used to limit the number of spells a player may learn
- Add spawner properties: `check_radius`, `vertical_check_radius` and `check_floor`, for controlling
how spawners check for free space. May be needed if spawning ghasts, spiders or other large mobs.
- Add `block` and `stop_block` triggers, for blocking with a shield
- Add `book_item` parameter to `Book` action, for showing a specific saved book
- Add `clear_target` parameter to `MoveBlock` action, so it can be used to copy blocks

## Fixes

- War config spawner blocks fixed
- Fix armor stand projectiles not moving (maybe, sometimes), as in Chop and Mine
- Fix the `/mnpc command` command to allow spaces in the command
- Fix errors loading saved items on older versions of Spigot
- Fix Mob, Monster (and other) spawns attacking the caster (again)
- The Damage action `no_damage_ticks` parameter now defaults to off, war configs turn it back on
- Fix obtaining damaged legacy items, fixes air glider appearance while gliding
- Fix bound wand data (for /wand restore) getting lost on logout
- Fix magical blocks dropping when exploded via vanilla TNT
- Fix being able to stash unstashable wands in smokers and blast furnaces (now configurable)