Magic 8.5


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    Apr 2, 2021
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9



## New Resource Pack

- All-new appearances thanks to our amazing Conduit art team, realflamegirl, Phantom and Night!
- Lower-res, blockier, more Minecrafty
- Use `/getrp hires` for the old models, or `/mconfig example add hires` to set it server-wide
- Painterly, lores and slimefun examples can now be used without survival (see migration notes if this caused you issues)


## Engineering Re-Work

- See:
- Conduits now have Cost Reduction X, don't have to worry about mana
- Materia system, players can use their Materia balance to create blocks if they don't have the blocks
- Materia can be purchased in the enchantment table menu
- Materia can be obtained by converting blocks in your inventory, using the brush selector
- Materia is refunded on undo


## Path Re-work

- Hotbar count and mana regeneration/max now follow path configs and can not be upgraded separately
- Paths can now have an `override_properties` section, with properties that will always override wand or class properties
- This allows you to tweak mana progression after players have already progressed without them getting stuck on the old values
- See migration log if you need to change this back (basically `/mconfig configure path default allow_property_overrides false`)


## Currency Improvements

- All currencies, builtin and custom, can be configured the same way
- Physical items work for all currencies, not just Spell Points
- "atm" spell and NPC mob added. A shop where players can withdraw money as physical items they can trade or give away
- Note that all currency and spell point messaging was reorganized, see the migration log if you have custom messaging or localization.
- Player shops can now set prices shop-wide using the shop tool


## Changes

- Magic now loads at server startup, so world gen modifications to default worlds catch spawn chunks
- Hotbar upgrades will now start out empty and not mess up the inventory pages
- Turn off Magic.notify permission by default. Sorry if it was annoying ;(
- Cloak now turns off when you cast another spell
- Reworked the Stun spell
- Console and command block casts now act "Superpowered", can bypass indestructible materials. Is configurable.
- The Equip action can now be used on mobs
- Cloak won't replace your helmet
- Re-enabled Gather. If you have issues with it, I'm just going to tell you to disable it though!
- Re-enabled and re-made Force, hopefully less OP now but still fun and interesting, now available to Wizard rank
- The Retarget action was re-written to allow it to change any targeting parameters, such as `target: block`
- Most spell messages now go to the action bar, cooldown messages now shown for "quiet" wands (the default)
- The Damage action now bypasses vanilla damage cooldowns. Use `no_damage_ticks: -1` to turn this off.
- Teleporting by any means will now teleport your vehicle with you. Use `teleport_vehicle: false` in the spell parameters to turn this off.
- Mage.giveItem method no longer aborbs an item if holding a wand. Use `apply_to_wand: true` or `apply_to_caster: true` in your Shop/Selector config if you want that behavior.


## Additions

- Added builtin Japanese translation (JP) (Thank you, LazyGon!)
- Added trailshop example, for players to unlock trail effects
- Added "pi" and "degrees" attribute constants
- The SpawnEntity action can use $pn, $pd and other placeholders in the `name` parameter
- Added `mage reward` command, for giving players rewards, replaced with some SP or money if they already have it
- Add `kit` support to Selector action, see `kitshop` in elworld examples
- Wands can now have a `level_spells: true` property to auto-level spells to max
- Add `targeting` parameter section to mob configs, can be used to set up mob factions, see stars example rebel/imperial
- required_permissions: A player or mob must have one of these permissions for this mob to attack it
- denied_permissions: A player or mob with any of these permissions will not be attacked
- radius: If specified (as well as an interval on the main mob config), this will periodically check
for a new target.
- TODO: line of sight checks
- Add `permissions` mob parameter, currently only works for permission-based targeting checks via the above parameters
- Add some mob-specific disguise parameters, such as powered and ignited for creepers
- Added `clear_items` (true/false) and `remove_items` (list of materials) option to chest populator


## Fixes

- Fix some bugs that may have been causing players to lose items on death
- Fix another grindstone exploit
- Re-arrange plugin load order to (possibly) fix issues in recent builds with custom
integrations (such as external attribute registration)
- Fix LibsDisguise integration on old legacy versions of LD
- Fix using ThrownTrident, ThrownExpBottle and ShulkerBullet in Projectile action
- Fix some cases of using but disabling the default configs
- Fix the "book:all" spell category book (also added "book:categories" since the 100-page limit breaks the all book)
- Fix the Growth spell not working on carrots and potatoes
- Fix the spellbook hiding spells once it starts to get full
- Fix Hat spell disappearing your helmet if trying to wear some kind of invalid block
- Changes to mob and NPC configs will have an immediate affect on in-game mobs
- Fix Levitate not consuming mana if left on when relogging
- Fix Rollback+Chop/Mine exploits
- Fix a specific case of players' items not dropping on death


## EffectLib 9.0

- We've teamed up with ChronoKeeper's EffectLib branch!
- Fix potential memory leaks with effect tasks
- Fix support for block_crack, block_dust and falling_dust particles in 1.13
- Fix rotation of several effects: Circle, Donut, Heart
- Allow orienting additional effects: Atom
- Added Square effect
- Added "colors" list to all effects, supporting randomized colors from a set of choices
- Added Line effect parameters: zigZagRelativeOffset, subEffectAtEnd
- Added subEffectClass and subEffect parameters to all Effects, this lets you play an entire
effect in place of single particles for a given effect
- Optimizations
- Fix issues with concurrent uses of the same EquationEffect (technically effectlib 9.1 not yet released)