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Instant Hotfix! (Sorry, reviewers)



# 8.4.1


- Fix reloading configs setting SP earn cooldown to zero for all online players


# 8.4


## Kits

- Item kits can now be configured in the `kits` configuration
- Kits can be set as:
starter: Given on time on join
keep: Given every join if players don't have the items
remove: Taken away on join if players are no longer allowed to use the kit
partial: If a starter kit has changed, players will be given the difference on join
- Kits can have requirements, such as permissions or attributes
- Kits can have cooldowns
- The `/mkit` command can be used to give kits
- Kits can be given in spells via the GiveKit action


## Fixes

- Fix flying mob spawns and nether mob spawns in `spawnmobs` example
- Fix some forms of configuring an AreaOfEffectCloud
The potion effect duration now defaults to the same duration as the cloud itself
- Fix chest populator (`chests` example), which I think was never working
- Fix mobs overrunning the other side and nether side (hopefully)
- Fix losing armor on death while cloaked

## Changes

- Resource packs now all come from a different URL. The S3 links may stop working at some point in the future,
so it is a good idea to update if you're using your own configured URLs!
- Cast spawn rules no longer force self-targeting, you may need to adjust spells to account for this
- The default resource pack setting is now "auto" instead of "off".
Use `/mconfig configure config resource_pack_default_auto false` to switch it back off.
- "Not enough mana" messages will now show by default (unless your wand is set to silent)
- Shop management tool now uses a GUI
- The appraiser shop now sells at 50% like other shops
- Wands will now only show the active spell in their name when the wand is active
- Automata can not have overlapping casts, use `allow_overlap: true` inside the `cast` block to change this
- Automata no longer undo all their spell casts when deactivating, use `undo_all: true` inside the `cast` block to change this
- The `/magic load` command will now update all fetched external examples before reloading. Use `/mconfig load` if you want to skip this.
- Brushes can no longer be modified in the middle of a cast.
RIP cool rainbow-striped domes, but I think this will prevent all kinds of accidental mess-ups when copying large builds
- Updated builtin Spanish translation (`/mconfig language ES`), thanks ChrisTVH!
- Added `magic-tags` WorldGuard flags, should be used in place of `spawn-tags` though the latter still works
- Brooms are no longer bound. Use `/mconfig configure wand broomstick bound true` to turn this back on.
- The Gather spell is now disabled by default. If you want to re-enable it, go ahead, but I can't support it anymore.
- Items can now have a `name` and `lore` specified in messages.yml, so they can be localized
- Mobs can have a `name` specified in messages.yml
- Spell book spell icons glow
- Removed the destructible2 and destructible3 lists, most spells break all solid blocks by default
- Wands will not trigger right-click actions if a shield or torch is in the offhand (/mconfig editor material offhand)


## Additions

- Added LOTS more dragons! Thanks to Flamegirl and Cornelia for donating them, and thanks again to Night for the original idea
Night's original dragons are still present but will spawn much less frequently (in spawnmobs configs) and renamed to "big__dragon"
- Add `jutsu` example (Naruto jutsus, thanks to Tof!)
- Added 3 more survival spells (thanks to Phantom) - sunstrike, soulburn and vengeance
- Add warp option to selectors
- Add `damage_source: direct` option to Damage action, will bypass vanilla damage cooldowns (bypasses everything)
- Allow using @attributes in custom wand lore
- Add `command_source` parameter to Selector action, can be player, console (default) or opped_player
- Add allowed_enchantments, blocked_enchantments and slot parameters to CheckInventory, for checking on a specific inventory slot
- Add wand instructions progress menu item
- Add alternate_spell options on wand up to 7, so you can put 8 spells in total on a wand, one for each trigger (including sneak variants)
- Add steer_controllable parameter for vehicles, use in cars (WASD now steers, look direction not used)
- Add While action, loops until some set of requirements is met (use with a variable for for/while loop type behavior)
- Add destructible_materials and indestructible_materials options to ChangeContext action
- Add `until` parameter to Skip action, to skip sub-actions until some amount of time has passed
- Add attributes: target_location_x, target_location_y, target_location_z, target_mana, target_mana_max, play_time
- Add /mauto enable/disable commands to quickly turn on/off automata
- Add `give_to_caster` parameter to `Drop` action
- Add `/mconfig example unfetch` command to completely remove previously-fetched examples
- Added `region_tags` option to requirements
- Added WIP `mars` external example
- Add tail and crown FX to wand effect shop (Thank you, Phantom!)
- You can now use "minutes", "seconds", "hours", "days", "weeks" in duration parameters for simpler configuration
e.g. "1 seconds" (yes, plural no matter what)
- Add `prevent_dismount` option to mobs
- Add `ModifyNoDamageTicks` action, for rapidly damaging mobs and players by bypassing vanilla damage cooldowns
- Add `food_level` parameter to Feed action, for directly setting food level
- Add ColorItem action, and very-rare rainbow dragon
- Add `auto_absorb_sp` option to turn off automatically absorbing SP items on pickup
- Add `use_wand_name` option to SpawnEntity action
- Add `cancel_explosion` and `powered` flags for creeper mobs
- Add `CheckLore` action
- Add `consume` trigger, fires when eating an item
- Add `foxhelmet` item (from Night, thank you!) Not currently craftable, WIP
- Items with custom model data can be given with a shorthand, e.g. `feather{18001}`