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    Feb 1, 2021
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9



New boss mobs, will spawn randomly if you're using the "spawnmobs" example with survival. Much thanks to Night for donating these to the plugin!

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Note that they are works in progress and will be tweaked and improved over time.

## Important Migration Notes

  • The builtin economy was rebalanced, prices of items may have changed. There is no "revert" example to undo this one, but contact me if you need the old prices.
  • Colored leather armor *must* use a # in the color code to differentiate between damage, e.g.
    `/mgive leather_chestplate:#002233`
  • Wands now must have an explicit "craftable: true" parameter to be allowed as a crafting ingredient
  • Magic explosions (boom, grenade, etc) will now check block destructibility per-block

## Player Shops

  • Magic now includes a basic system for player-run shops
  • Use `/mgive shoptoken` to recipe a shop token
  • Use the shop token to create a shopkeeper NPC and recipe a shop tool to manage your shop
  • Use the shop tool on a chest to set the chest for the shopkeeper to use
  • Profit!
  • Note: the economy was rebalanced, prices were added to most, but not all, items. If an item does not have a price assigned it will not appear in a player shop.
  • There is not currently a way for players to set their own prices

## Boss Bar Support

## Fixes

  • Fix some strange problems that can come up when customizing the builtin examples (affected PotterPlus)
  • Fix Petrify upgrades (it should go up to level 3 now)
  • Fix Fireball upgrades (fireball projectiles weren't correctly registering entity hits in modern MC versions)
  • Fix issues with Teleport action when target context has been changed
  • Fix "preuse" wands not casting on their final use
  • Fix wand open/close/etc sound FX broadcasting to nearby players
  • Fix issues saving bound wands, particularly after using /clear
  • Fix hex color codes being parsed as integers
  • Fix Critical passive to work around Minecraft damage immunity timeout
  • Turned off action bar message when spells like Boon and Cloak ran out of mana
  • Fix some issues processing true/false or numeric wand overrides
  • Fix Rocket spell
  • Fix issues with broomstick handle getting stuck in your inventory, they are droppable now
  • Fix NPCs duplicating, don't persist them, clean up leftover NPC enties (1.16 only)
  • Fix brooms and armor stand projectiles not working in the other side or netherside
  • Fix Grenade and Boom bypassing the indestructible block list
  • Fix wand cast overrides not working for boolean or numeric values
  • Fix some specific issues with overlapping casts

## Changes

  • Rename Wear action to Equip (Wear still works).
    Supports any inventory slot, main_hand or "free" to find a free slot.
  • Use Vanish for Cloak and Decoy spells
  • Re-work appraiser NPC shop, re-balance emerald/diamond/gold/iron prices
  • Some potter wand upgrades changed keys to include `_upgrade`
    and not conflict with survival wands (e.g staff_upgrade)
  • The inactive_icon feature will now work on non-inventory-mode wands
  • Recipe discovery will now check for crafting permission
  • Jedi and Sith can use any color lightsaber
  • The Force spell has been disabled until it can be re-worked
  • Economy rebalance, builtin item prices have changed
  • Vault currency prices will now show 2 decimal places (formatting is configurable in messages, number.integer/decimal)
  • Wands now must have an explicit "craftable: true" parameter to be allowed as a crafting ingredient
  • Villager NPCs can't be traded with (by default, set cancel_interact to false to change)
  • Turn off "undo on world save" feature in world_other to avoid automata self-destructing on save

## Additions

  • Added "bosses" builtin example (`/mconfig example fetch bosses`) thanks to Phantom, lots of unique naturally-spawning custom mobs that don't require a RP
  • Added dragon mobs, thanks to Night! Really cool custom boss mobs (Requires the resource pack)
  • Will spawn naturally with spawnmobs example)
  • Add "snowy" automaton for making a 32x32 snowy area
  • Added block_place and block_break world handlers
  • Currently support "Cast" and "Replace" rule classes
  • Added "lucky" example (WIP)
  • Added staff-only `admintool` wand, a set of useful tools for admins
  • Add "break" effect, for when a wand's uses are used up
  • Added Holy Light spell to Wizard path
  • Add "equation" parameter to Command action, works just like Message action
  • Add "enable_vanilla_sounds" configuration option for those of you who *really* hate the new sound configs
  • Add `critical_probability` and `critical_damage_multiplier` parameters to Damage action
  • Added new builtin attributes: target_health, target_health_max, epoch, air, air_max, target_air, target_air_max, hunger, target_hunger
    If using these inside of a projectile, AOE or other compound action you will also need to use UpdateParameters since
    the target won't be set until after the actions have processed their parameters.
  • Add support for using saved disguises in LibsDisguises
  • Add ability to remove Gather friends
  • Add super-expensive butterfly effects to effects shop
  • Added unswappable wand option
  • Added triggers: respawn, drop, swap
  • Added always_active option for automaton that run even when their chunk is not loaded
  • Added fire_type parameter to Burn action, so you can use soul_fire
  • Add `protected` and `hidden` flags to mob configs
  • Add `biomes` and `not_biomes` parameters to CheckBlock action