Magic 8.2


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    Dec 20, 2020
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
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# 8.2

- Happy Holidays!
Build a skating rink out of ice and then use `/mnpc add skater` for some festive fun!

- Many, many optimizations - memory leaks plugged, synchronous chunk loads eliminated (on Paper),
hard entity references removed

## MagicWorlds merged

- Magic can now customize world generation and mob spawning without needing MagicWorlds
- Configs go into the "worlds" folder, and follow the same format as MagicWorlds
- There is editor support
- Fix issues with NPCs and Automata getting lost if in unloaded worlds
- Added new example configs: `spawnmobs`, `chests`, `netherside` and `otherside`
- Spawn rules can now use weighted probability maps
- Spawn rules can have a priority, don't need to rely on key order
- Replace rules can specify special directives: `stop` to stop further processing,
`remove` to just remove a mob without replacing
- Fix several issues with mob spawning in MagicWorlds

## Crafting improvements

- Allow using "vanilla: true" to easily override a vanilla recipe (just set the output to a vanilla item type)
- Does not remove the default recipe from players' knowledge book (not sure if that's possible)
- Does not work with vanilla recipes that have multiple possible ingredients (e.g. different wood variants)
- Add "locked" option for recipes, to prevent crafting by default
- Add "craftable" list to classes, specifying locked recipes that class may craft
- The "disable_default" option for recipes now works again, letting you replace vanilla crafting recipes

## Fixes

- Fix support for wildcard brushes (use with SuperReplace to replace stairs, fences, etc in-place)
- Fix spell inventory issues when using the ajParkour plugin
- Fix strange behavior when using a broom while already on a broom
- Fix `/getrp url` to return the correct URL when a custom RP has been selected
- Fix ChangeContext not being able to set the source entity to nothing (affects Mob, Monster, etc spells)
- Fix auto_close on shops not working
- Fix NPCs sometimes not respawning
- The Decoy spell doesn't use vanish

## Additions and Improvements

- Add alt-cast (sneak) to levelled up fling to get the original speed
- Add Alter level 2, with alt-cast (sneak) to absorb a wildcard brush
- Add replacement options to ChangeBiome, Brush actions and ConstructSpell
- Add `mconfig language` command to easily ues a builtin localization file
- Add FR (French) translation files (thank you, Brushette!)
- Add in-game notifications to ops about magic errors and warnings (can be controlled via configs or permissions)
- Cloak now hides you from mobs
- Allow specifying item_attributes as sections, so you can set a slot per-attribute
- Use `/mgive book:fling` to give a descriptive book about one spell
- Add `/mgive learnbook:spell` to give a book that describes a spell and can be used to learn it
- Add active_spells_exclusive and active_spells_restricted spell properties, to make spells only castable if some
other spell(s) is or is not already active
- Added WildStacker integration to avoid stacking Magic Mobs (or any custom-spawned mob).
- Broomsticks will now put a temporary "broomstick handle" item in the player's inventory so the slot
doesn't get taken up by new items and the broomstick has nowhere to go when finished
- Improved Recall-to-bed behavior
- Improved support for persistent mobs (in 1.14 and up)
- Add "land" trigger and "fall_distance" attribute
- Allow ChangeContext sourceLocation and targetLocation parameters to specify feet, head, etc entity locations
- Phantoms can be shrunk and grown (wither skeletons can also be shrunk again, optionally)
- Wand commands when used from the console can now bypass locked wands (same as a player with `Magic.wand.override_locked` permission)
Use `console_bypass_locked_wands: false` to disable this
- Triggers can now be a simple list or a one-liner
- Jedi and Sith will auto-learn recipes, nether stars removed (still needed for hilt)
- Add simpler `slot` parameter to Wear action, boots,helmet,chesplate or leggings
- Add `direction_count` and `source_location` parameters to CheckBlock action, more control over where it looks
- Add "rain" option to Weather action

# 8.1.1

- Fix compatibility with older versions of LibsDisguises
- Fix some issues absorbing spell items, now requires you to be holding your wand
- Fix cure not working on the caster
- Fix releasing player data locks on shutdown, causing warnings on next login
- Fix lightsaber appearances in legacy MC versions
- Allow crafting a magic sword with a damaged netherite sword
- Fix /mnpc player command
- Fix OP damage of Magic Bow regular arrows