Magic 7.9.3


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    May 27, 2020
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# 7.9.3
- PLEASE see important notes in *before* upgrading! Mostly if you have custom wands with "attributes" set.
- Modifier system added- for custom status effects
- Effects act very similar to temporary mage classes
- Can apply vanilla/magic attributes, mana modifiers, cost/cooldown adjustments and more
- Can have a duration or be manually removed
- Use the Modifier action to add/remove, similar syntax to PotionEffect
- Modifiers must be pre-defined in modifiers.yml
- There is a new "mage modifier" command for adding and removing modifiers
- Can have spells with added/removed triggers
- Added triggers: sneak, stop_sneak, sprint, stop_sprint, glide, stop_glide, left_click, right_click
- Add lock/unlock triggers for classes.
- Add "magic arrows", a way to attach spells to arrows that can be fired from a normal bow
- Add "bowpower" attribute, for arrow spells to react to enchanted bows
- Add FX to Aqualung and Critical passives
- Add upgrade levels to Critical, fix FX showing every time
- Spell shop and advancement can now work without a wand. Changed messaging a little.
- Spell upgrades now work without a wand
- Better potion effect undo
- Add Interval action, like a combo of Repeat + Delay
- Fix overlapping casts overwriting each others' variables
- Fix blocked-spells and allowed-spells flags (broken in 7.9.2)
- The SpawnEntity action now forces spawned mobs to ignore their owner by default. Set "owned: false" to prevent this.
- Variables can now be pre-defined in a spell, in case you want to use them in base spell parameters
- Add Warp action, for simple warping (Recall can be complicated for this purpose)