Magic 7.9.2


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    May 22, 2020
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# 7.9.2

- Passive spell system!
- Add "triggers" option to a spell, it can be auto-cast under various circumstances
- Add "passive" flag for spells that can not be directly cast but still show up in the spell inventory
- Add CheckTrigger action to make a spell see if a trigger has been activated since the spell started
- See here for examples:
- Survival passives added: Aqualung, Critical
- Add RemoveSpell action
- Add CastPermissionManager hook to API
- Fix crafting permissions in the 2x2 inventory crafting slots
- Add Essentials integration for vanish detection
- Andesite, diorite and granite are now in the same destructible lists as stone
- Added "damage" and "damage_dealt" attributes
- Add "scope" to ModifyVariable, can be cast (the default), spell or mage
- Attributes can now be used in Message and Command actions
- Add "direction", "use_target" and "set_target" parameters to CheckBlock action, for easily checking the block under your feet
- Fix some consistency issues with the "target_self" parameter
- Add "target_mount" parameter (false by default) so spells won't kill your horse
- Fix Dragonball not earning SP on hit
- Add more detailed support for potion effect lists in PotionEffect action
- Add "invert" flag to all CheckXXX actions
- Add magma wand appearance (thanks, Toffy!)
- Allow using "examples" instead of "add_examples" in config.yml
- Add "air: max" option to AirSupply action
- Additional customization options for time and range displays in spell lore
- Added ResetMage action, "reset" spell for player reset GUI

# 7.9.1

- RecallSpell was removed, use RecallAction instead.
- Take note of all the deprecated spells you're using (basically any "class: something" in your main spell properties)
- These are all old, before the action system, and have been deprecated for years
- They will show in logs in startup
- They WILL be removed in future versions!
- The exception being engineering magic. Look for "is using a deprecated spell class" in your startup logs.
- Add support for %placeholders% in spell, wand and class parameters
- Add ModifyVariable action, adding concept of user-defined variables that can be used in spell parameters
- Use $variable in a spell parameter, command, or message
- You can also use @variable in commands for an integer version (rounding down)
- Add "variables" requirement
- Fix potter wand boxes not properly turning into a wand (icon wasn't working)
- Potter wand boxes now open on right-click
- Fix missing IMPORTANT headers in defaults files
- Add TakeCosts action
- Add "use_mode" wand property, which can be one of: success, precast, always. This replaces "preuse".
- Fix spells being unable to cancel themselves (e.g. cancel_on_death)
- Fix swapping a wand or gun into the offhand restoring its ammo or mana
- Add upgrade levels to Smite
- Add "height" requirement
- Add several builtin attributes: health, health_max, time, moon, location_x, location_y, location_z, level, xp, mana, mana_max
- Add source_use_movement_direction and target_use_movement_direction options to ChangeContext action
- Add use_wand and wand_slot parameters to ArmorStandProjectile action
- Improvements to TakeItem action, can now look for a specific item and also return it on undo
- Improvements to Damage action scaling by distance