Magic 7.9


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    Apr 24, 2020
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


# 7.9

- Add in-game customization commands (/mconfig enable|disable|configure)
- See:
- Add support for storing player data in MySQL, Postgres or SQLite
- See:
- Fix broken undo for some blocks with extended data
- Fix broom offset problem in MC version 1.12 and below
- Fix sword-based wands having broken icons in 1.12 and below
- Add BattleArena integration, friendly fire flags will respect teams
- Add magic_sp, magic_spell_count, magic_mana and magic_mana_max Placeholders
- More graceful handling of invalid wand icons
- Add "/mage skin" command, which dumps a block of text you can put in a "skin" property of a player disguise
- Add "ironman" mob to survival configs (as an example of using a stored skin)

# 7.8.4

- Use SkillAPI allies for friendly fire checks
- Fix "requires" items in Citizens traits getting removed on restart
- Add "language" config option, to easily change the language of in-game text.
Thanks to the generous help of translators, the following built-in languages are available:
CN, ES, ES2, ES3, KO, ZH
- Fix an issue where the vanilla /give command could duplicate items when a wand inventory is open
- Add /mmob egg command, for getting a spawn egg of a mob or magic mob

# 7.8.3

- Fix some issues using CustomModelData icons in wands and spells
- All containers are now indestructible to magic (an effort to prevent dupe exploits and bad interactions with other plugins)
- Fix Mine spell by adding a "tool" parameter to the Drop action, which defaults to diamond pickaxe
- Add Mine level 5 and 6, will drop bonus ores, upgrades now available without engineer rank

# 7.8.2

- Fix Recall, will now place you on top of your bed instead of failing.
- Fix Recall not teleporting to half-blocks
- Fix using the drop button on a wand also casting a spell in 1.15
- Fix skill items being useable if the player switches classes to one that does not have that spell

# 7.8.1

- Fix Lockpick spell
- Update Towny integration to latest Towny. You may need to update Towny if you use it.
- Add invert_distance parameter to Damage action, to allow spells to do less damage up close.
- Add refund_on_no_target spell property, to refund costs on miss
- Fix broomsticks in 1.15
- Fix broomsticks insta-crashing if you're not looking up when mounting
- Disallow using broomsticks in creative mode (PLEASE STOP REPORTING THIS, THE PLUGIN DOES NOT SUPPORT CREATIVE MODE!)
- Fix custom model data not carrying over from an item to a wand icon