Magic 7.6.13


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    Sep 30, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


# 7.6.13

- Add "permission" parameter to Recall options, to allow locking warps/commands with permissions
- Add "rotation" and "orient" parameters to image effects
- Fix Chop spell in 1.13
- Fix engineering spells (maybe only broken in 1.13 ... ?)
- Add Grapple Arrow (WIP, not available yet- thanks to NeoFalcon)
- Allow negative values for strength/weakness/protection (if stack is set to true)

# 7.6.12

- Add ignore_region_overrides spell parameter, for making spells ignore worldguard flags that would allow them
to break/build when they otherwise wouldn't be able to (yes, a super specific request)
- Engineering magic will now ignore allowed-spells: *, so no permanent changes can be made in regions that allow
spells to change blocks. (This is changeable via "override" in spells.yml if you want)
- Fix the Drop action not being undoable
- Partial block damage (cracks) now undo in a more consistent way
- Some fixes to mob counts shown in /mmob list
- Improved magic bow behavior, now supports arrow spells with delays
- Bring back hack that switches to chest mode when in creative mode, optional and off by default: wand_creative_chest_switch
- Fix certain issues switching a wand from chest to inventory mode
- Add ModifyLore action, for making changes to vanilla item lore

# 7.6.11

- Fix WorldGuard, factions, various other integrations breaking after /magic load

# 7.6.10

- Add "as_percentages" parameter to CheckHealth action, to use percentages instead of raw health values.
- Add "/mgive recipe:wand" (or "recipe:*") item style, for giving recipe knowledge books (1.13 only)

# 7.6.9

- Some more fixes to spellshop progression
- Action parameters embedded in the "actions" tree no longer inherit down to child actions
This is possibly a breaking change, though only if you've set up your actions in kind of a strange way.
- Fix projectiles not passing through tall grass in 1.13
- Fix brushmod when using the Brush action (fixes the Projector spell)
- Fixes to ignore plugins that fail to start up (should fix issues with LibsDisguises in 1.13)

# 7.6.8

- Fix effect bugs introduced in 7.6.7
- Add "track" parameter for automata spawners, to avoid despawning spawned mobs

# 7.6.7

- Fix spell descriptions not showing in the spellshop
- EMP will only affect levers and redstone blocks
- Fix spellshop not always auto-levelling after buying the last spell
- Add wand tagging system for use with requirements, make progressmenu easier to customize
- Some specific internal FX fixes (please let me know if any effects look weird now)
- Fix mana/regen boosts applied to classes
- /mtrait invisible works on armor stand NPCs
- Add CheckInventory action
- Add /mage+/wand add brush *, for adding all brushes to a wand (won't add variants pre 1.13)
- Make pistons indestructible to magic, to avoid issues restoring them (for now?)
- Fix player's health not restoring on relog if max health is buffed by a class
- Add "reduce" option to ApplyCooldown action to reduce cooldowns instead of clearing or increasing them
- Magic mobs configs now support adding drops or other behaviors to vanilla mobs or even players.
- Add mob option to avoid dropping loot if not killed by a player