Magic 5.5.6


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    Aug 3, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8


NOTE: This is an update to the 1.8 Branch of magic, it will not run on current servers!


  • Removed diamonds and iron from the deposits/withdrawals shop, re-balance prices of emeralds
  • Centralize shop prices into items.defaults.yml for some items, shops can be a simple list now
  • Add /mitem add/remove unplaceable command, for making a block unplaceable
  • Add /mmob clear command, for getting rid of magic mobs
  • Add spsellshop, for exchanging SP for money
  • Add "Magic.use." permission list, for controlling individual wand permissions.
  • Mine/Chop will no longer make drops out of temporary blocks
  • Second page of book can be used to set name/lore in /mitem skull command
  • Add Magic.spawners permission, to allow non-op'd players to place custom mob spawners
  • Add Magic.commands.cast.parameters permission, in case you really really want to give your players /cast permission.
  • Add "/mtrait hat" command, for putting spells, wands and hats on an NPC's head
  • Fix compatibility issues with keep-on-death wands and CombatTagPlus kill-on-quit
  • Add support for an "override" entry in spells.yml, for settings that should effect ALL spells
  • Add "filter_bound" parameter to ItemShop, to not show bound items a player already has
  • Add disguise support (via LibsDisguises) to magic mobs
  • Add madscientist mob (example of using player disguises)
  • Nerfed Blessing
  • Added support for color codes in item names
  • Added safety checks to all velocity calls
  • Fix using add_examples to load example configs