Magic 7.3.7


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    Apr 8, 2018
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# 7.3.7

- Update MobArena integration to work with latest version, magic items now available as rewards
- Will need further support from MobArena for giving Things to classes for items to work in classes.
- For now, my fork will still work for that.
- Added reference guide!
- Fix Factions integration for the *other* version of Factions. Yeesh.
- Night spell changed to "A Dark And Stormy Night", makes it rain
- Added Citadel integration, spells will not break reinforced blocks
- Fixed /mitem configure command when removing tags
- Add EntitySelector action
- Mine and Chop can't be cast in no-break regions
- Add "cost_heading" message option for shops
- Add "fx" spell for quickly testing particle types
- Add more options for disguised entities
- Fix spellshop messaging with non-class wands

# 7.3.6

- Added warnings for use of deprecated spell classes.
Please check your startup logs!
Better to fix these spells now, the classes will be removed in 8.0
- Fix Shock Arrows spewing an error to logs
- Fix Factions integration, add support for Factions safezone (treated as a no-pvp region)
- EffectLib effect parameters can now follow the Magic underscore_format
- Fix wand_undroppable config option not working (though you may want to switch to wand_unstashable)

# 7.3.5

- Add Light, Fire, Ice and Shock arrows to Magic Bow progression
- Fix automata spawning via MagicWorlds
- Fix magic armor not always updating due to inventory drag event
- Fix stars configs, bending configs and Magic Sword not starting off with a bunch of spells
- Better handling for color codes in wand names
- Players can no longer take bound wands out of chests if the wand doesn't belong to them
- Add some config.yml options to disable casting and selection of spells directly from an inventory
- Fix a few undo issues revolving around blocks breaking during the undo process

# 7.3.4

- Fix broken selector icons.
- Fix donatorshop.
- Expanded support for message formatting in wand property lore (stacking, non-stacking, positive/negative)

## 7.3.3

- Fix progressmenu (and other things, possibly) being broken without Vault
- Allow using \n when configuring a wand description via configure command
- Changes to classes will take effect properly when using /magic load
- Camera now requires 1 paper to use
- Skill properties moved to a "skills" section on classes and spellbook, added "keep" option to keep skills on death
- Wands can have a "classes" list instead of a single class if they can work with more than one class

## 7.3.2

- Fixed Magic Bow progression, *bow progress may get reset* - Sorry!
- The Magic Sword no longer starts with additional spells. This may or may not be temporary, some technical issues came up.
- Fix non-battle spells and brushes showing in the Magic Sword inventory (they weren't supposed to)
- Fix active costs for Air Scooter, also Levitate/Air Scooter and Boon will prevent mana regen while active.
- Fix wand organizing and alphabetizing
- Fix wand inventory going weird on rankup (when earning additional hotbars)
- Fix Blink Arrows not working if you hit a wall
- Fix Recall last death location tracking
- Fix/improve teleportation ledge detection
- Fix wand current hotbar not saving
- Add builtin attribute system
- Attributes can be defined in attributes.yml, none exist in the default configuration.
- Add /mage attribute command for listing and setting attributes
- Attributes can be added to wands, and stack player attributes (or increase them to a limit)
- The wand property "attributes" has been renamed to "item_attributes"
- The mob property "attributes" has been renamed to "entity_attributes"
- Add "Magic.commands.mage.others" to allow someone to use /mage commands on other players
- Add /mage switch command to switch classes for a player (combo of lock, unlock and activate)
- The Magic.wand.override_drop permission changed to Magic.wand.override_stash
- Added "unstashable" and "unmoveable" wand properties
- Capture added to Conduit path (was supposed to be on there, forgot to give it an SP cost)
- Hostile mobs can't be targeted by Heal, Cure or other boon spells (see: friendly_entity_types in config.yml)
- Some improvements to Blink Arrows that were way more complicated then they were worth, but the arrows work great now.
- Add "ai: false" option to magic mobs

## 7.3.1

- Beginner, Apprentice, Student, and Master wands are now for demo purposes only and not tied to player progression.
- Fix sniper rifle damage not undoing
- The /mskills menu will now work with a player's class skills
- Add quick_cast and skill_limit properties for classes to control /mskills behavior
- Add auto undo to the Lightning spell
- Fix flashbang, singularity and earthquake detonating when hitting the caster
- Fix the Disposal spell
- Add /mage lock command, for locking a class without removing its progress
- Add /wand levelspells command, for levelling up player or wand spells
- Default sword controls changed to right-click instead of Q
- Fix normal arrows disappearing from magic bow temporarily