Magic 7.2


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    Mar 2, 2018
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Click here Important Migration Notes

## 7.2

- Add Magic Torch (magictorch) item, not craftable, requires LightAPI
- Added support for spells requiring SkillAPI classes or skills.
Thanks @robotnikthingy and my other helpful contributors!
- Add commands and generic requirements support to Selector action
- Sniper scope is now toggleable
- Added 4 new guns to war configs, and rebalanced existing guns a bit.
Thanks to Sidewalk and!
- Add "infinite" option for repeat and delay parameters
- The Boon spell has been changed, it now toggles on and off and gains additional effects as it levels
- Add wand buff shop to progressmenu, the new way to get protection on your wand
- Add "damage_type" parameter to Damage action which can be used to fake any vanilla damage type.
Note that the damage source is lost, so other plugins (like quest plugins, etc) won't see the caster as the
source of damage and give credit for kills. This is a vanilla limitation.
- Wand protection format changed to a map (e.g. protection.fall) for greater flexibility. See
- Add "size" parameter for slimes to magic mobs
- Add requirement, cost scaling, and many other features to Selector action

## 7.1.5

- Unbreak wands broken in 7.1.4 (your data should be fine)
- Add CheckEntity action and Holy Light example spell (currently unobtainable)
- Add ModifyProperties action, WIP- can be used to modify wand or class properties

## 7.1.4

- Really fix Camera, use online player game profiles and fallback to Mojang API. No more mcskinsearch hackiness.
- Fix Automata not respecting region permissions

## 7.1.3

- Default RP changed to Magic-7
- Added Snoop spell for peeking inside chests, staff-only
- Make it easier to create one-off simple configs
- Add load_default_configs option
- Allow adding wands, spells, etc directly in config.yml sections
- Re-work appearanceshop, colorshop and effectshop to allow for unlocking wand appearances and changing wands at will
- Added progressmenu, which is now the default enchantment table spell
- Provides access to the spellshop and spell upgrades progress menu
- Allows access to appearanceshop, colorshop and effectshop
- Add support for completely custom wand lore (WIP, supports a limited set of wand data)
- Add option for non-quick-cast skill items
- Add PlaceholderAPI integration. Supported placeholders: magic.path, class, wand, spell
- Added Magic.commands.mgive.others permission
- Add wildcard permissions to plugin.yml to support perm plugins that don't handle wildcards (looking at you, zperms :P)
- Add Light spell, not obtainable, requires LightAPI
- Sort-of fix the Camera, courtesy (sort of) of
- Added "equation" spell for easily testing the equation system and attributes
- The configure commands now support equations, e.g. "/wand configure cooldown_reduction x*2+1"
- Add MobArena integration to optionally respect arena protection, globally based on protected status or per-arena

## 7.1.2

- Fix stars and bending class progression
- Fix /wand save so that the saved template inherits from the one you're editing

## 7.1.1

- Hotfix for a startup crash that would occur if using SkillAPI with attributes disabled