Magic 6.9.11


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    Jun 20, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


Please check the migration log for important upgrading information!

## 6.9.11

- Fix shop text bugs introduced in 6.9.10
- Fix Disarm acting strangely when holding an open wand

## 6.9.10

- Fix some issues with 1.10 compatibility having to do with the Guava version
- Add "shops" section in messages.yml, for localizing default text in shops
- Add "target_name" spell parameter, for only targeting an entity with a specific name.
- Added TakeItem action, can be used for stealing or picking up specific items at a distance (for Quidditch, maybe)

## 6.9.9

- Wands can now be put in chests or dropped by dragging them out of the inventory. Set "wand_undroppable: true" in config.yml to change back.
- Example configs (stars, potter, etc) no longer use enchantment table
- Fix dupe bug with Magic Missile/Laser used on chests
- Fix cooldown on sniper rifle
- Fix item dupe exploit from exploding flower pots that auto-undo, they no longer drop their contents
- Fix dropping stackable wands (like C4, thermal detonators)
- Fix armor stand projectiles getting stuck in the world when hit with an explosion
- Add exclude_spells option to ApplyCooldown. May not be super performant.
- Add more support for special disguises with LibsDisugises (baby=true, material=stone, etc)
- Add carshop to war configs, and single-use wand items for spawning cars
- Players are invisible and untargetable while riding in a car
- /mmob clear will also clear non-mage mobs (like cars), though only in loaded chunks
- Add MobArena integration (PR to MobArena pending), use "magic:wand" in MobArena configs for Magic items, magic mobs can also be used
- Fix being able to put wands in chests with wand_undroppable on by using the hotbar buttons
- Add staff/glider to bending configs WIP (Thanks, dejakob!)
- The Glide spell no longer puts an Elytra on you, it just makes you glide
- Add "sp_items_enabled" config option, just in case you've, idk, given a bunch of creative players SP items that they
of course duped and now you need to turn off SP items.
- Fix cycle mode with upgraded spells
- The GiveItem action now needs to have "target: self" added if you want the item given to the player, see giveitem spell

## 6.9.8

- 1.12 Compatibility
- Update Alter spell to be much more flexible, group blocks like logs and leaves, work on new 1.12 blocks
- Add model3_red, model3_silver, model3_black, model3_white to war configs, now have a real model

## 6.9.7

- Fix airscooter crash, add general protection for invalid velocities
- Headshot parameters for missile,railgun and blind changed to use multipliers. If you have overridden these
in your configs you may need to update. (set damage_multiplier or duration_multiplier to 1 in headshot_parameters)

## 6.9.6

- Fix image map file not saving in some environments (Windows, I think?)
- Fix broom disappearing glitch if you open a wand inventory while riding
- Move vehicle improvements
- Make it possible to combine war configs with other configs (using add_examples)
- Guns are now less accurate if used while moving
- Add "ignore_types" optional list to spells, for ignoring specific entity types when targeting
- Fix broomsticks randomly re-mounting players while riding
- Fix Polymorph spell not undoing after 20 seconds as advertised
- The Silence spell will now work on Heroes skills as well (applies a cooldown to them)

## 6.9.5

- Fix broken build from 6.9.4 (Sorry about that!)
- Fix vehicle control in 1.10 and 1.9
- Cars can drive in reverse
- Broomsticks now fully controllable, including strafing and using spacebar to ascend
- Fix brooms randomly kicking players off (again- working around a Spigot/MC bug)
- Add Ferrari to war configs (Thanks, BlueYoshi68!)

## 6.9.4

- Magic Missile and Laser now use block-breaking effects
- Fix compatibility with PerWorldInventory plugin via a "close_wand_on_world_change: true" config.yml option
- Put the Heroes wand back, I removed it prematurely.
- Fix mob spawners that use cave spiders (entity id changed?)
- Fix the Stash Chest schematic
- Add sp_default config option, for starting out players with some spell points
- Add "warmup" option to spells, to show a warmup in spell lore.
- Add some spell lore options to show cooldowns less than a second, and show spell categories (not used in default configs)
- Fix an issue with loading resource packs from outside the U.S.
- Add driveable car to war configs, WIP
- Fix imagemaps not saving if the save file does not already exist
- Add /mitem configure command, mostly for me to test things, maybe dangerous to use

## 6.9.3

- Add "war" example configs, WIP
- Fix quiet, loud and silent wand upgrades
- Brooms will stop working when they hit a world border
- Add Extinguisher and game mode switcher items, just for fun
- EffectLib optimizations
- Fix an error that happens if a projectile is cancelled before it launches (e.g. Disarm someone during Kill warmup)
- Sell shops will differentiate between custom-named items
- Add /magic rpsend command to re-send current RP to all online players
- Resource packs are now sent to players on join instead of relying on vanilla mechanics. They are delayed by 1 second by default.
- Wand lore colors moved to messages config, you may need to update any customizations if you want to keep the colors
- Add optional parameter to /mage unbind to unbind a specific wand type
- Add AreaOfEffectCloud action as a shortcut to using SpawnEntity for clouds

## 6.9.2

- Fix broom duplication/wand destruction glitch when using a broom in the offhand
- Change spell names for all force powers in stars configs
- Fix wildcard (*) and negated material sets
- The blocks Blast can break are now based on vanilla durability rather than a material list
- Add appearanceshop, for selling wand appearance upgrades
- Add Uberwand, the go-to "what's the most powerful wand" for showing off or plugin testing
- Added crafting recipe for the spellbook

## 6.9.1

- Reflect now snaps to even 45 degree angles
- Fix Laser level 2, level 3 - upgrade SuperLaser
- Cleaned up trinketshop, added a few new skulls.
- Add Projector spell (architect), just a bit of showing off
- Add "bypass" parameter to spells, to simply bypass all permission, build, pvp and other checks. Useful for NPC casting.
- Improvements to /mtrait command:
- Add "target_player" option to turn off auto-targeting the clicker
- Add "message_player" option to relay cast messages to the clicker
- /mtrait parameters now lets you edit individual parameters instead of having to replace them all
- Improvements to /mmap command:
- A backup file will be saved in case the imagemaps.yml file gets lost or corrupted
- Added /mmap name command to name existing maps, makes them easier to find with /mmap list <name>
- Fix wand template migrate_to, old wands should once again migrate to new
- Fix /wand create command
- Add a ton of example shops to the default configs, see defaults/spells/shops.yml
- Add mage.earned_sp message, goes to action bar by default whenever a player gains Spell Points
- Staff wands no longer earn SP

## 6.9

- Using "example: 6" in config.yml will restore previous default wand behavior
- Moved lightsabers back to the stars config only. Use "example: stars", or see
- Fix Stash (maybe others) not working in chest mode
- Remove creative mode switching wands to chest mode. Click on wand to cycle inventory pages, it's a little glitchy though.
- Fix SuperRing spell
- Add cast_location property to Wands, a vector that will determine the source location of spells
- Add configurable cast location offset when a player is sneaking
- Potter wands start with Vermillious, not Flagrate
- Potter wand box is now "wandbox", and wand is "potterwand". The "wand" template was left in for backwards compatibility.
- Add "replace_on_activate" wand property, for a wand that will change into a different wand when held
- Wands will attempt to keep some inventory space free, to make organizing easier and to allow item pickup
- Add SuperLaser spell (to Architect path)
- Fix engineering spell bug with erase brush when switching from a non-engineering wand, would fill with dirt
- Fix passive wand potion effects (like night vision goggles) not always restoring after death
- Add sp_multiplier property to wands. Can be used for bonuses, or to turn off SP earn.
- Mana Talisman got a new icon and some buffs
- Fix some issues with NPC casting on custom environments (don't load NPCs as player data)
- Fix enchantwand spell giving 30 levels instead of 1