Magic 6.8


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    Mar 9, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


## 6.8

- Cast messages now go to the action bar, this can be changed via the cast_message_prefix in config.yml
- Chest mode wands no longer have weird virtual hotbars, and has a configurable inventory_rows property.
- Add spellbook item which is like a cross between a chest and inventory mode wand and the skill selector.
Won't be really useful in default configs until 7.0, but may be useful with Heroes skills.
The heroes example configs override the spellbook to use Heroes skills.
- The enchantment table will still show the spell shop if SP is disabled.
Set enchant_block: "" in config.yml if you don't want this.
- EffectLib memory optimizations
- Fix Pollinate double-high flowers
- Blink and other teleport actions will respect WorldGuard exit deny regions (can be turned off via require_exit parameter)
- Some additional protection against magic fire spread (esp. Grenade Level 2) not undoing properly.
You may still lose some leaves due to untracked leaf decay when surrounding blocks burn.
- Wands with chest mode and quick cast will cast spells on clicking in the spell inventory
- Fix Torch/SuperTorch insta-breaking at close range
- Throttle offhand casts so it's not so weird and spammy
- Fix some edge-cases uses of location offset parameters (otx, oty) that were breaking the Wolf House since .. a long time
- Fix wand dupe issue with the swap item button when the wand has no handler for swap
- Add title and action bar support to Message action, add fun title to Kill spell
- Add hotbar_changed message (by request), will show on hotbar change, but empty by default
- Add support for sending any message as a title or action bar message with "t:" or "a:' prefixes in messages.yml
- Fix Sith lightsaber paths not increasing mana

## 6.7.2

- Enchantments on wands are now hidden
- Renamed Skill Points to Spell Points. Use "example: 6" in config.yml to undo this change.
- Add /magic help command, simple command that relies on /help for more info
- Add heroes_skill_prefix config property, to prefix skill names from the Magic Heroes skill pack
- Add /mitem damage command
- Heroes skills sorted by level (then name) in skill selector
- Add Heroes party support, attack spells will not target players in your party
- Add "only_friendly" spell parameter (added to Heal, Cure, etc). If using scoreboard teams or Heroes parties, these
spells may only be cast at friendly targets.
- Magic Heroes skills will advertise inability to cast in hotbar icons just like the base spell would
- RIP mcstats. Switched to bStats.
- Added /magic clean command, removes all Magic data from item but leaves lore and other metadata intact
- Added support for spawning area of effect clouds, Neutron Bomb spell re-worked to use it
- Fix /mitem duplicate command
- Fix mobs not being able to target players with spells in no-pvp areas
- Fix wand "glow" property, now uses a hidden luck enchantment
- Fix Velocity actions glitching out dropped items and TNT

## 6.7.1

- Magic Heroes skills will broadcast their use-text like other skills
- Change Talisman recipe to use gold nuggets for 1.10 and below support

## 6.7

- The active spell inventory page will be saved to wands
- Fix bug where active hotbar number didn't get saved to wand
- Fix item dupe bug with droppable wands that have a spell inventory (ocarina)
- Broomsticks will upgrade on use in the potter configs, too
- Some fixes to the potter config progression
- Add dementor and deatheater mobs to the potter configs
- Fix Ocarina 7F# note (note07)
- Fix some wand effect colors not working (hex with no letters)
- Add a disabled icon for skull-based configs to use
- Add resource_pack_check_interval, defaults to 5 minutes, to auto-update RP SHA while running
- Heroes integration improvements:
- Allow using disabled icons and skull-based disabled icons.
- Disabled icons will show in skill selector and hotbar for unavailable skills
- Can't take an unavailable skill item out of the skill selector
- Hotbar skill timers will reflect mana costs
- Skills can provide display names for the skill icon
- Fix the Heroes Wand
- Add "example: heroes" configs with craftable Heroes wand
- Add Magic Skill Pack, all default Magic spells packaged as skills:
- Support pass-through parameters from skill configs to Magic spell skills
- Add Skill Book item, craftable in heroes example configs
- Allow "tier" in a skill config to use a levelled-up version of a spell as a skill.