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    Feb 24, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11
  • 1.10


If you are upgrading from a previous version and have completely customized configs, or are using per-wand permissions for the /wand command, please read the migration log!

## 6.6

- Wand creation permissions have changed, negation simplified:
- Magic.create.<wand> : Permission to create a specific wand
- Magic.create.* : Permission to create any wand, ops have this by default
- Magic.commands.wand : Permission to use the /wand command to create wands
- The Magic.create permission can also be used to limit /mgive access
- Cast permissions changed to avoid complicated negation inheritance issues
- Add "-Magic.cast.*" to prevent players casting any spells
- Add "Magic.cast.<spell>" to add back individual spells
- The /mage delete command changed to /mage reset
- Enchanting configs renamed to "paths".
- Old enchanting.yml file will be renamed (one-time migration)
- enchanting folder no longer used, please move files by hand if you have any in there.
- Wands no longer have unique ids by default, unless they are tracked and dropped on the ground.
- New properties (you may want to set on your wands if you have completely custom configs):
- unique: if true, wand will always have a unique id (in case you need it for API integration, or want to avoid stacking)
- track: if true, wand will be tracked when dropped on the ground
- immortal: if true, dropped wands will not be allowed to despawn
- invulnerable: if true, dropped wands cannot be destroyed
- Fix Heroes skill selector breaking when there are unavailable skills shown
- Simplified path configs so they are easier to understand and override.
- Fix the bending example configs
- /mage configure and /mage describe commands changed to /mage setdata and /mage getdata
- /wand describe can now be given a parameter to list a specific wand property
- Changed /wand enchant command to work with no parameters, add /wand create, rename /wand unenchant to destroy
- The Magic.commands.wand.create permission is now used for the /wand create command, not required for /wand
- Add /mitem destroy command, just destroys your held item
- Fix some metadata items like skulls and banners
- Add optional entity_damage_reduction config
- Add craftable Mana Talisman item
- Broomsticks no longer bind and are droppable

## 6.5

- Wands now default to no actions if none are specified in the configs. You may need to add the following to your custom wands:
- left_click: cast
- drop: toggle (or right_click: toggle, as you prefer)
- mode: inventory
- Wands now reference templates, rather than copy all of the configuration to item data. Wands should auto-migrate
- Wand upgrade item format changed, existing upgrades should migrate
- Broomsticks improve with use
- Fix sound effects when interacting with an enchant table
- Some tweaks to the laser spell
- Really fix bypass_pvp permission
- Add support for dyed leather armor wands, change apprentice gear to blue armor
- Offhand wands are now truly "active", including lightsabers. Blocking with an offhand saber now works.
- Some fixes for limited and single-use items.
- Add flying sound effects back to broomsticks
- Add cancel_on_no_permission parameter, brooms will deactivate when entering an area where they are not allowed
- Fixed not being able to purchase optional spells anymore after reaching the end of the Wizard path
- Replace wand "bubble FX" with something custom and less volatile
- Tweak Force FX, reduce mana cost and range

## 6.4.1

- Fix SuperBroom, riding the Wolf Staff
- Fix One-Way Ticket to Boomstown spell
- Add DropItem action, for dropping items on the ground via a spell
- Fix Map Brush
- Some more fixes, hopefully, for dual-weilding and right-click behavior
- Fix bypass_pvp permission, when trying to target a player in a no-pvp zone
- Fix lightsaber progression

## 6.4

- Some fixes to disabled spell icons getting stuck on
- Fix crafting recipes with material variants, like the coal -> ink recipe
- Complete overhaul of Broomstick mechanics (Still kind of WIP)
- Update Air Scooter as well, add to default configs
- Add craftable Emerald Sword, just for fun
- Fixes to Mirror Shield
- Miscellaneous fixes to wands put in chests, interacting with doors
- Fix saved wands not working correctly until after reload

## 6.3.5

- Spells now show when they are disabled with a "no" icon
- Add Mirror Shield, a craftable shield (nether star + shield) that can reflect spells (WIP)
- Fix weird offhand item behavior while holding a wand
- Recall, Cure, Heal, Phase all now cancel if you cast another spell during their warmup period.
- Combined the survival, bending, stars and potter RPs into a single RP
- Update/fix light saber appearances, add sound effects, add all colors to survival configs
- The (optional) zombie flesh -> leather recipe now requires 4 zombie flesh instead of 9
- Added some very limited "friend list" mechanics to Recall, mostly for my own use.

## 6.3.4

- Add ModifyMana action
- Fix/Improve PVPManager integration (don't target players with PVP disabled)
- Added "example: skulls" option to easily re-enable skull-based icons
- Add live_hotbar_skills option to allow skills to have a cooldown timer
- Reduce Tornado velocity to avoid server-side velocity checks
- Add icon_disabled_icon option to spells, to show a different icon when they are not castable
- Restore compatibility with WGCustomFlags plugin as a fallback

## 6.3.3

- Add work-around for broken zombie villagers in 1.11.
Not sure I can really fix this while keeping backwards compatibility :(
- Update resource pack, fix Ocarina sounds