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MachineBukkit is a plugin which allows user to build machine by placing a block with a sign on it.It's aim is to write a whole machine system without mods.
MachineBukkit offers a group of API so that plugin developers can write their own machines easily.


  • Machines support in Vanilla Minecraft.
  • Machines can report things about itself by writing on the sign or triggering redstone.
  • API for developers to make,register,control and protect machines.


  1. Put MachineBukkit.jar into (ServerDir)/plugins/ folder.
  2. Start the server.
  3. Stop the server to configure the settings.
  4. Restart the server and enjoy it!


  1. Place a base block(such as iron block,gold block,even cobblestone).
  2. Place a sign with [Machine] in the first line and the machine's name in the second line on the base block.
  3. Place material into the sign to build the machine.
  4. Place material into the machine to work!


  1. Set MachineBukkit as depandacy.
  2. Make a machine class extends BaseMachine or other classes in api package,and implement the methods.
  3. Register your machine in YourPlugin.onEnable().
  4. You can also implement interface Machine to make sub API.
  5. Want to help developing the plugin?Fork it on GitHub and help!


  • Base plugin and API development.
  • Demo plugin(temporarily a SoilMaker for Skyblock-like maps).
  • Hopper support.
  • Vault support.
  • Protector(such as Lockette and LWC) support.
  • SpoutPlugin support.


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