Plugin under development!

This plugin has not been updated since MC version 1.5 so some if not all features will not work. While I find the time to update and expand it please use starcomedon's fork of this same plugin. you can find it Here!

What is MachinaCraft?

MachinaCraft is a framework for machines made up out of blocks, activated by right-clicking on a lever. It is modular and includes several plugins that can make repetitive tasks easier, such as digging or building in a line, even placing and clearing bodies of water. Because it is modular, other plugins can also use MachinaCraft to make their own activatable machines.

How do I build a Machina?

Similar to crafting something on a crafting table, but in the game world. Place blocks in the world in a predefined way and put a lever on the right block. Rightclick the lever, and if you built it correctly, the Machina will activate.

A demonstration please!

Machina Plugin Info & Permissions

These are the Machina plugins available right now, included in the download:

On their respective pages you can find pictures, instructions how to build them, and the permission nodes available for them.

Plugins that work with MachinaCraft

  • SignShop 2 can activate a machina with a sign, possibly with a cost.


To enable all machinacraft permissions at once, replace your server's permissions.yml with the included permissions.yml. (or add the contents if you already have something there)

This works even if you do not have a permissions plugin.

If you do have a permissions plugin and want more control, you can change the default in permissions.yml to 'op' and use the global permission node:



Are you having trouble getting MachinaCraft to work? Take a look at the Troubleshooting page.

Anti Cheating Plugins

Does your server use an anti cheating plugin such as NoCheatPlus? See MachinaCraft and other plugins.

Plugin Developers

MachinaCraft allows other plugins to register a blueprint for the Machina they implement. When a player rightclicks a lever, MachinaCraft will ask each registered blueprint to detect itself at that location. If successful, a new Machina is created from that blueprint.

MachinaCraft will periodically ask the Machina to check its integrity, and if successful send a heartbeat in which it can take action. The Machina can inform MachinaCraft when it should receive the next heartbeat, what its new location is (if any), or deactivate itself.

Included is an optional framework that:

  • Simplifies specifying the blueprint
  • Implements the integrity check for your Machina using the above blueprint
  • Can move a Machina 1 block up, down, north, east, south, west
  • Can teleport the Machina to a location
  • Can rotate the Machina
  • Can detect collisions for move, teleport, rotate actions
  • Supports blocks that have additional data such as torches, levers, rails, and blocks with inventory such as furnaces and chests
  • Support for optional modules.

Plugin developers looking for an example can take a look at the code for MachinaCraft.


On Hiatus

Short version: I'm on hiatus from Minecraft and developing this plugin, but the source code is available for anyone who wants to fork this and continue development.

Long version: As some of you may know, I haven't updated MachinaCraft in some time and I wanted to explain a little bit. Minecraft has taken a back seat for me in the last couple months. Also, the server I play on is Forge-based rather than Bukkit-based, which means I haven't been able to play with the results of my own plugin for a long time now. That has been a real motivation killer which is why there hasn't been any real development activity.

So it hasn't been an easy decision but I'm now officially on hiatus. My apologies to you who were hoping for more updates and even more features or cool machines - unfortunately I won't be the one implementing them. The project is open source however, and I hope there is someone out there who is willing to pick up the torch - you've got my blessing if you do.

Last but not least, a thanks to everyone who visited this site, helped out others with their questions when I wasn't around to answer them, or just had fun with the plugin! :)

To plugin developers

You're free to fork the project and continue under a new name, or use this project page to release an update, just contact me and I'll add you as an author. If you do want to pick up development I'd be happy to give some pointers via PM or irc (#bukkitdev) to help you get familiarized with the code.

The source code is available on the repository under the machinacraft4 branch.


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