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  • _ForgeUser8532890 created this issue Jan 20, 2013

    Hey Lyneira I've been looking at the similarities between Machina and Buildcraft and there are a lot of similarities. My idea of a new machina might help people on towny or faction servers clear plots more effectively. See in my server most users don't have World Edit access. So demolishing old buildings made by inactive users is quite a task for me. The Filler in buildcraft has a "clear" function. I am suggesting a machina with similar properties. Of course the area could be marked out using something eg torches then use a furnace as a power source and a chest as the deposit for the items collected. Doing this would essentially help me and quite a few towny servers out.

    Of course the person using it would have to have the appropriate Build/Destroy permissions unlike world edit which completely bypasses all of that.

    I just thought I might post this to see what you think of it.


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  • _ForgeUser6958763 posted a comment Apr 2, 2013

    Hey there,

    Sounds like a useful machina, I've got no objections to it - unfortunately due to limited time/motivation I can't add this for you.

    However if you or someone else you know can code in Java, you could write your own custom MachinaCraft plugin that does this. A clean, complete pull request would be acceptable as well. :)

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