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  • _ForgeUser7548169 created this issue Jul 6, 2012

    I have been crafting stacks of bookcases for a library when it occurred to me how much faster it would be if multiple stacks could be crafted at a time. By this I mean in crafting machine 1 (cm1) I have 3 sugar cane to make the paper. From there it is forwarded from a relay to another crafting machine (cm2) which changes 3 paper into 1 book.

    I propose that instead of only converting 3 (sugar cane) to 3 (paper) to 1 (book), that crafting machines be allowed (with permission) to stack the crafting ingredients to make 6 to 6 to 2 or even maximize the stacks and convert 192 to 192 to 64 all in one tick. Specifically, inside the chest for cm1 there would be three stacks of 64 sugarcane and in cm2 there would be three stacks of 64 paper that end up creating one stack of 64 books in one tick.

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  • _ForgeUser6958763 posted a comment Jul 7, 2012

    Hi there,

    Would a machinafactory.fabricator.instantcraft permission solve this for you?

  • _ForgeUser7548169 posted a comment Jul 10, 2012

    That could be pretty stellar. If it's easier to code that way then I would be more than appreciative of the addition. For consistency it wouldn't be a terrible idea to have a similar instant ability for item relays/filters. Instant furnaces could get a bit tricky, but it seems you've worked out fuel usage already with the planter, builder, and drill.

    These would make a great addition to servers that dole out donor abilities.

  • _ForgeUser6958763 posted a comment Jul 27, 2012

    @kaovalin: Go

    I haven't forgotten, I just haven't had a lot of spare time free for programming on it at the moment, with my current system it looks to be a bit more complicated than at first I thought.

  • _ForgeUser6958763 posted a comment Aug 11, 2012

    I had a go at trying to make this work under the current system, unfortunately I've hit a brick wall. It would take a complete redesign of the factory item transport system to make this work. I will try to add this when I write MachinaCraft for the official mod API.

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