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  • _ForgeUser6896516 created this issue Jun 17, 2012

    It would be great if there could be just a few changes to the way factories operate.

    -The ability to have machina constantly transport goods (without having to toggle levers all the time)
    -Filters able to work directly from furnaces and other filters
    -The ability to change what blocks are used (ie change wood pipe block, gold and iron & diamond blocks etc)

    Awesome plugin, loving it!

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  • _ForgeUser6958763 posted a comment Jun 18, 2012

    Hey there,

    With regards to suggestion 1 and 2, I hear you, definitely would like these things to be more convenient.

    Short version:

    1. Probably when the mod is reworked for the official minecraft mod API.
    2. Same as above.
    3. Already possible, see config.yml in the MachinaFactory folder.

    Long version:

    1. It will take a major restructuring of the factory to implement, as the current tick-based system is not well suited to that. My current idea on that is to wait for the official minecraft mod API to come out, I believe being able to add new block types that are specifically suited to MachinaCraft machines would make it much easier to create an event-based factory system.
    2. The tick-based system makes a fix for this problematic as well.
    3. You can change the blocks used for pipelines and the "core block (default brick blocks)" in the config.yml file for MachinaFactory.
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