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This plugin is designed to add more functionality to the server. Currently the main feature is giving players a way to legitimately obtain the grass and ice blocks without having to be spawned in by an Administrator, use Silk Touch, or sold in a shop.


New Drops

Grass Drop

You can now get Grass blocks naturally with Shears


Ice Drop

Pull out the trusty Hoe and start cutting ice!


Glowstone Drop

Get a iron pickaxe or better and get Glowstone like a pro!


Snow Drop

You can now get a Snowblock with a simple shovel!


Glass Drop

You can now use your Gold Sword to cut out that glass ;) (Block or Pane)


Bedrock Drop

Using your Goldpick it just takes a hit to get the bedrock


Permissions and Commands

Permissions Nodes

  • machidrop.*: Gives access to all Tools and Commands
  • machidrop.command.*: Access to all of the MachiDrop Commands
  • Access to the /machidrop Command
  • machidrop.use.*: Allows the user access to all Tools
  • Access to the Ice tool
  • machidrop.use.grass: Access to the Grass tool
  • machidrop.use.glowstone: Access to the Glowstone tool
  • machidrop.use.snow: Access to the Snow tool
  • Access to the Glass tool
  • machidrop.use.glasspane: Access to the Glasspane tool
  • machidrop.use.bedrock: Access to the Bedrock tool


  • /machidrop: View the plugin version

Future Plans

  • Make more "impossible" items to get naturally possible.
  • Add a config allowing you to disable some drops (When added)
  • Custom Drops (not anytime soon)

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