LWC 4.2.0


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    May 19, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R2.0
  • CB 1.2.5-R1.2
  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0


LWC 4.2.0

  • Significant performance increases, in some cases upwards of 90%. In most cases, ProtectionInteract was >100k nanoseconds. It is now 20k-ish. The Redstone event, which accounted for 50% of the cpu time, at 20k nanoseconds/event, is now around 2k-3k nanoseconds per event.
  • Vault Economy & Permissions support
  • Added fence gates to the default configuration
  • Less quiet exceptions when the updater fails for any reason
  • CreeperHeal support - do not remove protections if creeper heal is activated & enabled :)
  • Rewrote double door logic to be more reliable. It also does not reopen doors that are already closed.
  • Work around a difficult to reproduce exploit that appears to be caused by a Bukkit bug, exact cause unknown (not on LWC's end, but it prevents it now)
  • A block's protection history can be cycled through if you use the command /lwc info history

LWC 4.1.1

  • Minor bug fix for metrics

LWC 4.1.0

  • R6 and Minecraft 1.2 support
  • The following has been COMPLETELY REMOVED:
  • /lwc schedule;
  • /lwc menu;
  • /lwc dev;
  • /lwc admin config;
  • List support;
  • EasyNotify;
  • Job support (requirement for schedules);
  • Kick traps;
  • Ban traps;
  • Deprecated ProtectionTypes class (use the Protection.Type enum instead!)
  • Full LWC backups can be created using /lwc admin backup create -- this creates a full backup for the database and also every block along with it including any contents.
  • Backups can be restored using /lwc admin backup restore NAME where NAME is the backup's file name without the extension (.lwc or .lwc.gz). The backups are stored in plugins/LWC/backups/
  • At this time, the double chest side of double chests are not stored.
  • Any /lwc admin protectregion NAME to protect all protectable LWC blocks in a WorldGuard region to 'LWCWorldGuard', the owner can be changed via /lwc admin updateprotections set owner = 'NewOwner' where owner ='LWCWorldGuard' (sorry for being so long spunk!)
  • Fix: /cunlock could be used even after the correct password was used.

LWC 4.0.9

  • /lwc admin rebuild: a command to rebuild a wiped database, barring some missing data such as ACLs which is less important and unrecoverable without backups. See http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/60178/

LWC 4.0.8

  • Fix an exploit that allows some very dangerous commands to be executed on the server

LWC 4.0.7

  • Maintenance release to fix an index. Most servers will not notice any difference.

LWC 4.0.6

  • bPermissions group support
  • Allow the group prefix for matching groups via Permissions be changed in core.yml (and also change the default to group. instead of lwc.group.)
  • Don't allow freshly placed pressure plates to open a door that has the redstone flag
  • /lwc admin purge would interfere with LWC-Econ discount type IN_USE and not allow people to get discounted.

LWC 4.0.5

  • Fix gravity-matched blocks such as wooden sign, rails, lever, etc
  • Prevent players from using /lwc fix on protections they cannot administrate

LWC 4.0.4

  • Incompatible classes when a method's return type was changed, so 4.0.4 is a complete rebuild of 4.0.3, fixing some bugs
  • No source file changes except for plugin.yml

LWC 4.0.3

  • New: When removing one side of a protected double chest, it won't REMOVE the protection now.
  • New: Support custom protections via the data value ( 'id:data' , e.g '181:8' )
  • This means Industrial Craft, etc blocks that use the data value for the block are now supported individually.
  • Found another area where queries were being wasted when clicking on certain blocks
  • Fixes an exploit detailed by spunkiie which allows you to arbitrarily take over certain protections
  • Fix plugins/LWC/locale/lwc.properties - it was not being loaded properly
  • Fix removal of double step protections when a step is placed and protected
  • Fix automatic upgrade from sqlite->mysql
  • Only perform rights migration from LWC3 -> LWC4 once even if the old rights table fails to drop
  • Located and restored /lwc admin purgeregion - it went AWOL but has came back.
  • Fail with a more descriptive failure when LWC cannot connect to the database at startup
  • Fix an NPE in limitsv2 that is normally only found when using /climits
  • soft defend iConomy to fix a bug when using the serverBankAccount feature of LWC-Economy
  • Also soft depend Permissions & PermissionsBukkit again
  • NOTE: If you use LWC-Economy and/or LWC-Spout, you may need to upgrade them as well.
  • Group limits in limitsv2.yml are no longer case sensitive
  • Fix the SQLite libraries being placed in the wrong location - should be plugins/LWC/lib not plugins/LWC/lib/lib :)
  • Fix worldguard.allowProtectionsOutsideRegions: it was working in reverse (true meant it was blocked, false meant it was allowed)

LWC 4.0.2

  • Optimized out 1 to 2 unneeded queries that were used when touching a protected or unprotected door (for either they were two different things)
  • Fix a bug where converted rights from LWC 3 were 'not able to access protections'
  • Fix an exploit where a chest protection could be overridden by another protection in two very specific cases
  • Minor additions to /lwc credits -- upgrade MonsterTKE and add imaxorz

LWC 4.0.1

  • Fix the german locale's file encoding (latin-1 -> utf-8)
  • Fix a Spout bug (both in its RB and dev builds) that allow a sticky piston to destroy chests by pulling a wooden door over it
  • Fix a bug in converting rights from LWC3 -> 4 format when the table is a bit tainted

LWC 4.0.0


  • LWC 4 is now licensed under the 2-clause BSD license


  • New translation! Hungarian, courtesy of dretax
  • Most languages have been fully updated to the latest changes.


  • The following commands have been added: (see the wiki for more in depth info)
  • /lwc history
  • /lwc details
  • /lwc schedule
  • /lwc setup
  • /lwc fix
  • New sub commands for /lwc admin
  • Towny integration. You can now allow members of a specific Town access your Private protection, simply: /cmodify t:TownName or when creating it: /cprivate t:TownName
  • The WorldGuard feature has been rewritten to be easier to use and now includes a blacklist feature, so you can blacklist specific regions from having protections.
  • Add a new flag: AUTOCLOSE which makes a door automatically close after the configured amount of time in plugins/LWC/doors.yml. Usage: /cautoclose on|off
  • Allow Fence Gates to be automatically closed by the autoclose flag & doors.yml
  • Pressure plates will now be protected if they are placed in front of a door. Only players who have access to the protection can use the pressure plate.
  • If you use /credstone on on the door, no redstone except the attached pressure plate will work on the door, meaning now only those who have access to the protection can open it.
  • A protection's type can now be changed via /cmodify type e.g: /cmodify private will make a chest private. You can change a password (or change it TO password) via: /cmodify password ThePassword
  • Limits V2. New limits system that is a lot easier to manage and use -- see plugins/LWC/limitsv2.yml Example commands:
  • /climits now fully functions as it should! Give the new updated version a shot!
  • /lwc setup limits Hidendra 0 -- give hidendra 0 default protections
  • /lwc setup limits Hidendra default unlimited chest 5 -- give hidendra 5 chests and unlimited everything else
  • /lwc setup limits g:default 5 -- give the default group 5 protections
  • /lwc setup limits default 0 -- set the default amount of protections to 0
  • /lwc setup limits hidendra 54 10 96 1 -- example of using block ids instead of names (10 chests, 1 trap door)
  • add quiet under protections that can be set to a block that hides creation messages and notices


  • /lwc admin report has been beautified
  • /cinfo has been given a new look and is now more helpful. It will give you a shortlist of players who can access a private protection if you have appropriate access to it.


  • Changes to the database format that make it not possible to downgrade from LWC4 to LWC3. However, LWC will still upgrade from 3 to 4 ok.
  • All existing LWC 3 indexes have been wiped and LWC is now better indexed
  • Startup time has been dramatically reduced (to nil) for those with a huge protection set
  • More optimal caching techniques to ensure duplicate cache entries aren't present or created


  • The "bug 656 workaround" has been replaced with an automatic feature that does not need to be enabled, but is used when required
  • /lwc admin reload will now also reload the loaded locale file (including the one in plugins/LWC/locale/)
  • New & better updater. You can now subscribe to updates to the STABLE branch or BLEEDING_EDGE, which is the latest Jenkins builds.
  • Locale messages defined as null will now not send the message to the player
  • FIX: Protected blocks could be pulled with a sticky piston
  • FIX: Doors could be destroyed by using a piston to push a dirt block towards it.
  • FIX: Limits will now use the highest group limit instead of the first one found.
  • FIX: The magnet module would sometimes not work as expected when used across multiple worlds.
  • Metrics API for measuring plugin usage across the world using non-identifiable data.
  • Developed by myself, all implementation specific details and backends are open source.
  • View the data online: http://metrics.griefcraft.com/plugin/LWC
  • Backend source: https://github.com/Hidendra/metrics.griefcraft.com
  • loadProtection(int id) now utilizes the protection cache