Lucky Blocks (Slimefun Edition)


Lucky Blocks (Slimefun Edition) is a Slimefun Addon which adds
the popular Lucky Blocks Mod to your Bukkit Server.
There are various random Events available which can occur when
breaking Lucky Blocks as well as the craftable "Very lucky" and "Very unlucky"
Lucky Blocks.
This Plugin also features a built-in Generator for LuckyBlocks to spawn randomly
in your World.
In order to show the LuckyBlock's Texture in your Inventory, it is highly recommended
that you are using 1.8+

If you have any Suggestions regarding new Occurances for Lucky Blocks, do not hesitate to make a suggestion using the Contact Page



There are no Commands/Permissions


All my Plugins are using an Auto-Updater to make sure, you're always
using the latest and hopefully most bug free version of my Plugin.
If you don't want this Plugin to be auto-updated, you can turn it off
in the config file at "options -> auto-update: true/false"




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