Lucky Blocks Bukkit


A lightweight Lucky Blocks Plugin for Bukkit


  1. Automatic Texture Download
  2. Permissions
  3. Customizable Language
  4. Scoreboard

Lucky Block Placement

  1. To place a Lucky Block you should use a SPONGE block


  1. LuckyBlocks.use allows you to break Lucky Blocks
  2. LuckyBlocks.resetScoreboard allows you to use /resetscoreboard to reset the Death count info
  3. LuckyBlocks.languageSet allows you to change language with /language EN/ES currently you can change only change between these two langauges.

Config File

  1. RESOURCE_PACK_AUTOMATIC_DOWNLOAD: <boolean> Change it to false if you don't want to automatically download the texture pack
  2. LANGUAGE: EN/ES/CUSTOM Change it between EN or ES. Right below I explain how to customize the language.
  3. AUTOMATIC_DOWNLOAD: <boolean> By default is true you can change it to false if you don't want Automatic Update Download

Customize language

  1. To customize the language you set the flag LANGUAGE as CUSTOM in the config file as it is.
  2. Then you proceed to change the language.yml file

Quick Install

If you just want to play it on a default map I have created an automatic installation Pack: Just download this file on your Linux Server: Installation Pack


If you have any suggestion to add to the plugin just write a comment


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