Welcome to LS-ChestCollector! As you may be able to tell in the name of the project, this is an add-on for my LockSecurity plugin. I wanted to create this add-on to sort of demonstrate the power of the new LockSecurity API, released in version 1.5.0. This add-on ties in to locked chests, which allows for a different state of the chest. It is in specific only locked chests, and not doors or anything else, and I'll explain why.

LS-ChestCollector is designed to create something similar to an item suction hopper. First, simply lock a chest, run a command with the specified item arguments (read below for command explanations), right click on the chest you want to convert, and then pick up an item, and it will automatically enter the chest you specified. For example, I right click on a locked chest and bind it to the "APPLE" Minecraft ID. Whenever I pick up an apple, if space is available, it will automatically be ported into that chest, even if the chunk is unloaded!

Please note that 2008Choco's LockSecurity MUST be installed on your server, as LS-ChestCollector will not run without it. It is an add-on for LockSecurity, that adds extra functionality into the plugin


At the moment, there is only one simple command, though it can be very powerful. It is as followed:


Let's go into detail. The collects command takes 1 argument, though multiple variables. In the arguments, you may specify multiple items, separated by commas (","). For example, you could do: "/collects potato,apple,wheat,wheat_seeds". You then would be entered into "Collector Creation" mode. When in this mode, right click on a LOCKED chest (from LockSecurity), and it will be converted into a chest collector.


At the moment, the configuration is very minimal, though there are plans to improve the configuration in the future. For more information about the configuration file, -= Clicking Here =-

Bugs, Suggestions, and Improvements Perhaps you have an idea for something that should be added? An idea to improve my plugin at all? Or maybe you just have a bug that I couldn't seem to figure out. If you have anything listed above, make a ticket! I get e-mail notifications for when you create a ticket, and I will get to those a lot faster than a comment on my post. That also helps me organize many of the suggestions and bugs I've had in previous versions. Tickets are always preferred over comments, but if you just wanna be nice and rate this plugin based on your usage, feel free to leave a comment instead


This is a list of servers that have the LSChestCollector plugin installed. If you would like to try out the plugin before downloading it and putting it on your server, feel free to try it out on one of these. If your server has this plugin installed, leave the IP address in the comment, and I'll add it to the list when I have the chance! Also, if you have LSChestCollector, be sure to head to the main LockSecurity thread and leave your IP address in that thread as well. It will be listed on the LockSecurity thread as a bonus

Regards and Notes

As a highschool student, I am very busy and will only be able to work on this when time is available to me. I will make this plugin very interesting, and continue updating with as many features as I possibly can. However, eventually I will run out of gas, and not produce any ideas. Leaving a ticket with suggestions for this plugin is always encouraged if you want to keep this project alive. Thank you for all of the support on this plugin, for the very few of you that are supporting it. Numbers don't matter to me, so I'll keep producing content as long as at least one person is downloading this plugin. Enjoy

Social Media

I have created a Twitter account specifically for development updates and feature sneak peeks for all of my plugins. I will be posting updates about where I'm at on plugin updates, and open to suggestions on this social media website. If you have a Twitter account and would like to get in contact with me, my development Twitter handle is @2008Minecraft It will be full of sneak peeks for you all to drool at until I fully release it. You'll also get tweets every time I publish an update for a plugin, so keep an eye on that as well ;) Social media is not a necessary, but only optional if you want to know a few things before others do

Support a Dev

I work really hard on my projects to try and produce the best updates as I possibly can. As a new and aspiring developer, I am still looking for some means of support for future school endeavors, and getting lessons to code professionally.

If you would like to donate and help support me, that would be very much appreciated. My plugins are not pay-to-play, and donating is simply optional. If you can't support me through monetary means, please feel free to comment instead <3 Anything helps.


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