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    May 15, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.2

Changelog Fixed a bug on the startup (it couldn't check if there was a new version)

1.0.8 Made mysql and SQlite support (for install see here) made shorter playtime command /lp time Fixed the bug causing lp top not to work properly


Made some checks on the config file, so it checks if it excists (don't gets you yml errors)

Fixed a bug where ppl, could use a command they didn't have permission for

Made a new class for users (bether code style and so on)

1.0.6 bug fix, now the plaaytime tracker is right before it was possibly to get playtime if you logged in in one day and then logged in another day, then you would get playtime from the starting point to the next time you login (this is now fixed)

Added command /lp add [player] [Points] Added Permission loyaltypoints.add (default false)

the command can also add negative points (ex. if you want to take 3 points from person x. then /lp add x -3)

1.0.5 Made some changes and added a variable in the config (updatetime) which is the what cycle it needs to save the points to config. added /lp playtime and some other fixes

Permission changes: loyaltypoints.playtime (allow the player to see it's playtime) Made some changes to the permissions: now include: loyaltypoints.user: loyaltypoints.check.self,,,,loyaltypoints.playtime loyaltypoints.admin all permissions