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While developing Lottery+ and iLottery, I have noticed that many people have required many different ideas and requests, all of which are very good, there were just too many fit into one plugin. So I thought that it would be cool if there was some "central" core lottery plugin, which provided the basics of a lottery, and develop several other plugins (similar to RedstoneChips), which was where this plugin comes into play. I do not have the time right now with school and all, but as the summer approaches I will be sure start ;) also I will most likely need some other developers seeing how this plugin might get a little too big even for me.

List of Ideas

  • Basic Lottery - basic lotteries with dynamic pots
  • Item Lottery - a lottery that rewards players with items
  • Towny Lottery - a lottery where an entire Town can enter a lottery
  • Vault Lottery - a lottery where the winner gets the money from an account
  • Jackpot Lottery - a lottery where players are given tickets with numbers, and if nobody wins, the pot is then added to the lottery when it resets and loops until there is a winner


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