Lottery Plugin (IDEA) #58

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  • _ForgeUser21498193 created this issue Aug 21, 2015

    Hello there,

    I had a great idea for the lottery plugin, I'm not sure if you play CS:GO, but I'm sure you may have heard of CS:GOJackpot? Or CSGO Shuffle, look them up..

    Anyway, my idea is that players can donate their items to the lottery, as well as money, mcmmo credits and such, and they are given a percentage to win, at the draw, the winner gets everything..

    - MCMMO credits added to their power levels / score
    - Money paid into their account
    - /Lotto Claim  fills their inventory with the goods from the lottery (may have to do this several times with big lottery's).


    I was trying to add originality to my server, and was wondering if you could do this!



  • _ForgeUser21498193 added the tags New Enhancment Aug 21, 2015

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