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  • _ForgeUser4537470 created this issue Mar 29, 2015

    Hello! I love your lottery plugin and have been using it for many years now. However, I was wondering if you could add the following features.

    - Be able to specify the maximum number of tickets total that can be bought in the lottery. (Example, hard cap it at 100 tickets.)
    - Be able to randomly pick a winner out of the maximum number of tickets, regardless if the ticket has been bought by a player or not. If not, have the pot rollover to the next drawing.
    - Be able to continue adding an extra amount to the pot every rollover.

    Example. A lottery is beginning fresh. $1,000 is immediately added to the pot. Only 100 tickets are available. Tickets cost $100 each, players are limited 1 ticket per person. 50 tickets are sold out of the possible 100. The pot is now $6,000. It is time for the lottery to draw - it draws randomly out of all available tickets, not just the ones sold. It picks a ticket that was not sold - no winners have been chosen. The pot rolls over to the next draw and adds another $1,000 extra.

    I would greatly like to see this implemented in the best lottery plugin I've come across. Even willing to donate for such a function.

  • _ForgeUser4537470 added the tags New Enhancment Mar 29, 2015

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