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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8


Version 1.8.2


- Healthbar reset resulting in {Variant} being added to the name

- Mythic Mobs and other plugins that add mob names now work properly unless they do some weird spawning logic


Version 1.8.1


- New MaxDistance option to spawnpoints!

- NOTE: Anything not in range of a spawnpoint if you're using this setting will be a pure vanilla mob


Version 1.8.0


- New Health bar system! (it will automatically be added to config.yml but disabled by default)

- Types: Chat, ActionBar, HealthBar, Placeholder

- Define whatever formats you want based on percentage!

- /lrm spawnpoint all - to list all your spawnpoints!



- MythicMobs spawn problems (maybe)


Version 1.7.3


- Error with addPassenger

- Error with AttributeModifiers


Version 1.7.2


- Name colors not working throughout the plugin


Version 1.7.1


- Infinite possiblity with boss spawning?

- Also null reference with boss spawning


Version 1.7.0


- 1.8 support (and possibly earlier!)

- Just takes some config tampering to remove the errors from the default config


Version 1.6.9


- Adding ability to specify loot tables for each variant! (Just add a loot section and treat it like you do in loot.yml

- Allowing for unsafe enchants


Version 1.6.8


- Adding ForceRpgMobsEquipment option to ignore all vanilla gear spawning

- Adding GoldenEnchants support


- Removing deprecated EnchantmentApiManager as thats managed by the EnchantmentHelper in Utils now


Version 1.6.7


- Mob Weight configuration per level


- null error with VanillaMultiplier for mobs with no level

- Allowing mobs to drop 0 xp


Version 1.6.6 (Kudos to Juri!)


- 4 New Variants

- Acid Bomb variant

  - Displays a green dome effect when an entity dies causing poison to all entities inside

- Healing Variant

  - Grants you health when you kill them!

- Joker Variant (Disabled by default)

  - Sets your health to a random value to add a bit of chaos to your worlds

- Magma Variant (Disabled by default)

  - Drops lava when killed


- Variant loading (more fixes, more to do still)

- Null issue when loading variants with missing config values


Version 1.6.5


- Commands when enemies are killed (in loot.yml add "Commands" loot table)

- Allow custom items to be equipped on mobs on spawn (using the existing "Equipment" logic per entity type)


- Items not having Enchantments

- Variants being reloaded properly

- Items in loot tables having 0 chance breaking drops entirely


Version 1.6.4


- AutoButcher options added to config.yml

- Moved Level/Damage/Variant into a persistent data storage for entities so they don't need to be butchered after a reload (currently they lose level on reload)


Version 1.6.3


  • Confetti Variant! Launches a configurable firework on death
  • McMMO hook for experience to be utilized for combat skills when killing mobs
  • NBTTags section for custom items (targeting compatability with other plugins)


  • Null pointer with level regions trying to spawn bosses


  • BattleLevels integration for exp was started but waiting on the dev for integration


Version 1.6.2


- Mounts Section so mobs can spawn on entities!

- VanillaMultiplier in loot.yml

- Allows for entity loot tables to be rolled multiple times and combined when killed



- Required MythicMobs/Boss plugin to work correctly

- Pets losing stats when tamed


Version 1.6.0


- Boss section to level regions so you can replace specific entities with bosses by name

- Boss section to entity config section so you can naturally replace mobs with bosses throughout the entire world!



- 1.13 support


Version 1.5.5


- GriefPrevention integration

- GriefPreventionFlags integration


Version 1.5.4


- Added /lrm loot drop/give commands

- Custom Items support Attributes/Operations



- MM integration if using the recent versions


Version 1.5.3


- RedProtect support for Level regions



- Region system will default to WorldGuard then RedProtect


Version 1.5.2


- Ability to drop mmoitems via the new loot.yml!

- Tested in 1.15, still works!


Version 1.5.1


- New loot.yml for more control over entity drops!

- New LevelHook option to config.yml!

- New formulas.yml file for tweaking exp/money drops in relation to LevelHook set in config.yml!



- Removed my custom string calculator to instead use a JavaScript evaluator. More power for your formulas via javascript!


Release 1.5.0


- DungeonsXL integration

- MMOCore integration



- LorinthsBossApi integration (not used and unsupported)


Release 1.4.0


- New 'Player Level Notify' task which will inform your players as they go to easier or more difficult areas of the map based on a configurable interval

- New Loot Table system so you can specify all the drops of your entities!

- DisplayName config setting for MobVariants



- Now runs correctly on 1.13+


Release 1.3.4


- Issue where the config wasn't saving (and wiped out) the experience formula. Thanks Kaptan Yosun



Release 1.3.3


- Issue on startup where the plugin relied on LorinthsBossApi (when the feature should be optional) Thanks qoop



Release 1.3.2
- Better startup logging of Level Regions
- Level Ranges for Level Regions
- Save issue when using level regions



Release 1.3.1
- new 'Wealthy' variant
- always drops money, configurable money multiplier
- needless 'Chance' debug line in console



Release 1.3.0
- 2 New Formulas (CurrencyChance, CurrencyValue)
- New messages.yml file
- new MoneyDrop setting
- New event RpgMobDeathEvent
- contains Entity, Killer, Level, CurrencyValue




- Variance: Option for SpawnPoints
- Variance gives an additional level of randomness to your spawns by allowing you to set this value. E.g. if you set Variance to 5, mobs will be calculated based on distance as normal but will have an added random 0-5 levels



- On startup, instead of wiping out your file (because you spent so much time on it), we now log the error with the line of the YML error
- NOTE: If your config is invalid, RpgMobs will disable itself



- 'IgnoreSpawnerMobs' config option. If set to true it will not augment spawner mobs, if false it will. If not in config it will default to true and provide an error in the console.



- RpgItems experience support

Release 1.2.9


  • Witch damage previously did nothing, now it affects the damage of the harming potions they throw! (LOOK OUT)
  • Drop % on items wasn't working correctly. I've now fixed this to work correctly :D


Release 1.2.8


  • Grabbing heroes character manager correctly


  • Annoying repeated 'Player has exp permission' message


Release 1.2.7


  • MythicDrops integration!
    • Example Config here for help/reference


Release 1.2.6


  • New arguements to /lrm butcher
    • use /lrm butcher help - to see these options in game 
    • By default only butchers monsters
    • -a also butchers animals
    • -b also butchers ambient creatures (Bats, Squids)
    • -g also butchers golems
    • -v also butchers villagers


  • Skeletons arrows correctly deal damage based on skeleton level
  • If you give creatures a 10% change to equip an item, it won't default to 90% air. (As it did previously)
    • Allows skeletons to have bows if you don't specify 


Release 1.2.5


  • Enchant support in mob equipment
    • e.g. DIAMOND_SWORD 70% smite:1 drop:10%


Release 1.2.4


  • The /butcher command override. (Until I can implement a better version of it)


Release 1.2.3


  • Command '/lrm butcher' overrides WorldEdit /butcher. So you can use /butcher <radius> now and it will call /lrm butcher <radius>


  • Heroes can't be detected initially (Soft depend stopped working?)
    • Plugin will throw one error on load, and will try to catch Heroes when an entity spawns


Release 1.2.2


  • Creatures now correctly do damage when heroes is on the server and heroes hook is enabled (Thanks HillWalk!)


Release 1.2.1


  • New Config section 'ExperiencePermissions'
  • Config option to allow for permission based experience multiplier
  • The Config will automatically generate a default and vip value.
    • Will generate at the bottom of your config  
    • Use the permission lrm.experience.<name> to give the multiplier to users
    • default is applied automatically without a permission being given


Release 1.2.0


  • Config option to disable entity types in a leveled region, 'DisabledEntities'
  • Allows for '*' in DisabledEntities to disable all entities easily.


  • When levels don't apply to an entity it actually made them level -1... Whoops
  • Also if a region is found it short circuits and doesn't check against spawn points (Optimization!)
  • Initial Config generation (Includes Comments)
    • After saving/reloading your server the comments disappear



Release 1.1.9


  • Forceful Variant - Has configurable knockback!


  • Possible null pointer with updater


Release 1.1.8


  • Initial config creation now includes comments for configuration help


  • Occasional NullReference error fix


Release 1.1.7


  • Elite Mobs support!
  • New Explosive Variant - Explodes when killed (WATCH OUT)
  • New Sturdy Variant - Really doesn't care about your knockback


Release 1.1.6


  • New Config Option, "VanillaMobEquipmentOverrides" - Allows enchanted vanilla armor to override gear given by this plugin


  • Skeletons always spawning without bows
  • Some false "Config not options not found" logic


  • Version 1.2 implementation for more variants as well as custom config based/created variants!


Release 1.1.2


  • No exp drops when not using heroes/Skill API, You should now get exp drops! (Thanks for reporting the issue, Hollyweed!)


Release 1.1.1


  • Null reference when an entity doesn't have a custom name and a variant is attempted to be applied.
    • Need to determine why its applying a variant to an entity that should be disabled... 


Release 1.1.0


  • Mob Variants! (Disabled feature by default) This cool features provides even more random monsters for you to run into. These have configurable settings to allow you full control of these great Variants! (Feel free to request more to be built in. API is made for developers to hook into and make custom variants very easily.
  • Each Variant can be disabled, and can be disabled on specific entities. Are Fast Skeletons too fast? Disable them!
  • Each Variant has a "Weight" giving them a bigger chance to be selected. 0 = Disabled, high numbers = bigger chances.
  • Blinding Variant - Chance to blind you on hit (Configurable chance, blind level, duration)
  • Burning Variant - Can notice these due to their burning smell (they are on fire), These have a chance to set you on fire when you hit them. (Configurable chance, duration)
  • Fast Variant - These guys move FAST (Configurable speed)
  • Glowing Variant - You can see these guys from a mile away
  • Invisible Variant - Can't see these at all!
  • Poisonous Variant - Chance to deal poison when they hit you, (configurable chance, poison level, duration)
  • Slow Variant - You can probably just walk away from these (configurable speed)
  • Strong Variant - These hit hard, REALLY hard (configurable damage multiplier, and raw damage bonus)
  • Tough Variant - Gonna take a while to take these down (configurable armor multiplier, and raw armor bonus)

Release 1.0.2


  • Support for Living Entities that aren't creatures (Slimes, Squids, etc)
  • Mythic Mobs Support (With option disable in certain worlds), sets the level of the mythic mob however all attributes are handled by mythic mobs
  • New Api Method, LorinthsRpgMobs.GetLevelOfEntity(Entity)
  • Added argument to butcher. /lrm butcher [radius] - butchers all entities within radius


  • Butcher now applies to all living entities except players, and entities that are tamed. (Careful with animals that players have captured)


Release 1.0.1


  • Butcher command - removes all entities
  • Reload command - Saves/Reloads config (doesn't seem to work for all config options, will need to look into this further)


  • if using rand() in formulas, it will result in 0 when the passed in values are 0 or negative