Config Setup

debug: If true, debug messages are shown in the console. If false, debug messages will not appear.
color: This will set the color of all LoreTime related chat messages. The available colors are the default Bukkit color set.
interval: The way this plugin works, is that it checks the time every "interval" amount of seconds to see it can change the date. By setting this to a smaller value, the date change will be more accurate but put more strain on the server and vice versa.
newdaytime: The time at which the plugin should change the date. Please take note that this uses the Minecraft time - sunrise is 23000, noon is 6000, sunset is 13000, and midnight is 18000.
displayFormat: This will determine how the string will be displayed.The formatting codes are: &W = weekday name, &M = month name, &D = day number, &Y = year, and &T current time. You can add additional words to the display string. For example, if the day is Monday and the month is January the string "Today is &W of &M" will output as "Today is Monday of January".
timeFormat: Time format for time display - 12 for 12-hour clock or 24 for 24-hour clock.
useDaySuffix: This will toggle suffixes that appear after the date. See below.
daySuffixes: These are the suffixes that will appear (st, nd, rd, th). Use four and only four.

onJoin: Should players be notified of the current date on join?
onNewDay: Should players be notified of a new day?

currentYear: The current year in zero-based format, meaning, it starts at 0 rather than 1.

currentMonth: The current month (zero based).
monthNames: These are the names of your months. You can have any number of months just add/remove nodes as needed.

currentDay: The current day (zero based)
dayNames: These are the names of your days. You can have any number of days just add/remove nodes as needed.
daysPerMonth:The number of days in a month. This value must be divisible by the number of days in a week e.g. 28 days per month / 7 days a week = 4 weeks.


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