Command Usage and Permissions

(Alias to /loretime is /lt)
/loretime - displays the current date/time
/loretime time - Displays the current time.
/loretime setdate [month] [day] [year] - Sets the date to the specified date.
/loretime setcolor [color] - Sets the color of the messages in-game. The available colors are the default Bukkit color set.
/loretime nextday - Pushed the date ahead one day. Useful for when the plugin hiccups or when the server sleeps.
/loretime togglehourformat - Toggles the hour format between 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.
/loretime debug - Toggles debug messages in the console on and off.
/loretime reload - Reloads the config file without saving first. Useful for when you edit the config.yml while the server is running.

Permissions - /loretime
loretime.user.time - /loretime time
loretime.admin.setdate - /loretime setdate [month] [day] [year]
loretime.admin.nextday - /loretime nextday
loretime.admin.setcolor - /loretime setcolor [color]
loretime.admin.debug - /loretime debug
loretime.admin.togglehourformat - /loretime togglehourformat
loretime.admin.reload - /loretime reload


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