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LoreCraft lets you add a chance to craft armor, tools & weapons with custom lore name & text. By itself LoreCraft does nothing but add the text & is designed to work alongside plugins such as Lore Attributes & SoulBound that act on custom lore text.


  • Custom item-names
  • Custom lore text, as many lines as you want (within reason)
  • Virtually unlimited custom items
  • Configurable chance to craft
  • Lightweight


There are multiple config files - one for each armor, weapon & tool. Please make sure to go through them all and edit them to your liking.

Q: Each config only goes up to 6 items. Can i add more?
A: Hell YES!

  name: '&6Super Cute Gold Helmet'
  lore: ['&fblah blah blah']
  chance: 50

  name: '&KSuper Ugly Gold Helmet'
  lore: ['&fblah blah blah']
  chance: 50

The item "title" - eg. "GoldHelmetblahblahblah" - doesn't matter, just make sure not to use the same title more than once per file.

Recommended Plugins

Lore AttributesAdding lore text such as '+3 Damage', '+20 Health' or '+5 Life Steal' to items will allow LoreAttributes to act accordingly. See their project page for more details & options.
Soul BoundSoulbound is a plugin that makes it possible to have Soulbound items. Whenever an item is soulbound, players cannot transfer the item to other players. Adding the lore '&4Bind on Use' (or '&4Bind on Equip' for armor) will allow Soulbound to work on those items.

Installation instructions

  • Download LoreCraft.zip & extract into your plugins folder.
  • LoreCraft comes with a set of default configs (in the armor/tools/weapons folders) - check that these meet your needs and/or adjust as preferred.

Q & A:

Q: Shift+Click Fast Craft not working?
A: The way bukkit is made is when you Shift+Click to Fast Craft it makes Copys of that (First Item) thats being Crafted ,so the way LoreCraft treats that as a form of duplication/cheating so LoreCraft gives you the first item and all the following items are set to default this may be a inconvenience for Fast Crafting players but thats just the way LoreCraft prevents itself from being abused.

Q: How do the chance values work?

A: The chance parameters aren't a chance out of 100, but rather the chance out of the total value of "chances" within that file. Eg. if there are only two items in the file (item1, item2) set to 10 each and the default is set to 30 then the chance of default is 30/(10+10+30) = 60%.

This means you can have lower than 1% by making default 1000, then item1 & item2 at 10 will give the chance of item1 = 10/(10+10+1000) = 0.0098%.

Q: What Items does LoreCraft Support and will more be added?
A: LoreCraft supports these items at this time. As for other item you will just have to wait and see =)

  • L,C,I,D Armor
  • W,S,I,D Sword
  • W,S,I,D Pickaxe
  • W,S,I,D Spade
  • W,S,I,D Hoe
  • W,S,I,D Axe
  • Bow
  • L,C,I,D = Leather, Chain, Iron, Diamond
  • W,S,I,D = Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond

Q: Why does LoreCraft have so many Configs?
A: LoreCraft has configs for each item type. It is not a "drop and go" plugin but rather needs a little time to set it up the way you want. It's recommended that you to use a test server to set-up & test configs before using the plugin on your live server.

Q: I don't want chance or lore applied to WoodenSword!
A: That's not a question! But if you don't want wooden swords or other items to be used by LoreCraft you can delete or rename the appropriate (eg. "weapons/woodsword.yml") file.

Q: How do I use SoulBound with LoreCraft?
A: When adding SoulBound you must use &4 (DARK RED) and it must be the last lore added to the item. For tools you use "&4Bind on Use" and armor uses "&4Bind on Equip", as seen in this example:

  name: '&DSuper Pickaxe'
  lore: ['&ASo PowerFull', 'SOO EPIC', 'You Just cant ever let go of it', '&4Bind on Use']
  chance: 50
  name: '&DSuper Cute Diamond Helmet'
  lore: ['&BPink is just not my color!', '&4Bind on Equip']
  chance: 50

Q: I was wondering if I could use apostrophes in the names and lore? Or will it create errors? And also, if I want no lore for an item, do I just put two ' ' or [ ] ? And are the [ ] necessary in lore? (ex. 'It shines in the sunlight!')
A: O Boy you bet you can use apostrophes! You will just need to change the YML file for the item a little so here are 2 examples for you! and yes [' '] or [" "] are needed to add Lore to the item

1. Name and Lore apostrophes

  name: "&7Boom's Sword of Lore's"
  lore: ["Sword's", "Stick's"]
  chance: 20

2.Item with No Lore

  name: "&7Boom's Sword of Lore's"
  chance: 30


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