World Limitation #11

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  • _ForgeUser8191478 created this issue May 27, 2013


    Hey this may be kinda of a personal suggestion, but I was wondering if it be possible to add a config option on which worlds the stats would be applied. My reason for this is that I own a server and I love this plugin and have many uses for it in my section of my server. But my problem is that I don't want to ruin peoples ability to PVP in the main world because of that's stats. So the solution is that the stats would only be applied in the RPG world i have and wont be applied in the normal world. Hope I can hear back from you soon on what you think.

    - Prorockband

  • _ForgeUser8191478 added the tags Accepted Enhancment May 27, 2013
  • _ForgeUser10227301 posted a comment Aug 13, 2013

    Yeah, please add this!

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